Monday, May 08, 2006

The Waiting Game

Today, I got the most beautiful arrangement of flowers I have ever seen from the BIAWC (an organization I belong to thru work) , plus a very special note from the E.O., Bill. It made me cry. Am I really that special to people?

So, the good doctor that I saw last Monday (I've only seen her once, by the way, I've heard her practice is closed but she was good enough to take me as a referral from my nurse practitioner) is still on vacation. She gets back tomorrow. I am getting anxious to discover the "rest of the story" The progesterone still hasn't stopped my spotting. Guess I won't have to worry about that too much longer anyhow.

OK GIRLS, WHO'S HAD A PAP SMEAR IN THE PAST YEAR? HOLD UP YOUR HANDS NOW. If you can't hold up your hand, you'd better put it on a telephone and be calling your OB/GYN (or call me - I can refer you the to best Nurse Practitioner)

Here's the deal - listen to your body - mine has been whispering to me for the past couple of years I guess. It finally had to start yelling before I'd listen. I hope I didn't wait too long....

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wen said...

I hate going for my exam, but you've convinced me. Time to get the courage up and go...

I wish you the best and will be sending you good thoughts.

What were your symptoms, if I may ask? (Feel free not to answer that, of course.)