Saturday, May 13, 2006

One Million Blessings

We had our annual church plant sale today. Made over $800 I think - I have to count up the $$ before I go to bed tonight - John is the official "bean grower" - I am the official "bean counter". It is always a fun day, and today it was sunny, so it was particularly enjoyable.

I am trying to listen to More Music and Less News. But one thing that didn't escape my notice was the Senate Bill 1955 which would have allowed private insurers to circumvent the individual state mandates that insurance companies pay for mammograms, colonoscopies, clinical trial participation and some other screenings and treatments - The American Cancer Society launched a huge informational campaign and made it easy for people to send an e-postcard to their senators. In just two weeks, over 167,000 emails and 8600 phone calls went out to members of the senate. (in an earlier post, I mentioned that it was the weasels in the insurance companies who were behind this, but, hoping not to offend my Republican friends and relatives, I think they had more than a little bit of help from the weasels in the Republican party.) If you look at how they voted ( and scroll down to the middle of the page there is a link to a voting chart. It is pretty clearly "red" and "blue". Kudos to Senators Cantwell & Murray for voting NO!

And, clearly there are some laws that need to be re-written to make it so large employers (universities, companies like Exxon, etc) cannot shop outside state lines for cheaper policies that exclude the mandated coverage from some states - but tying this issue to a bill that made it look like it was pro small business is just crap.

OK, now that I am all worked up, let me recommend a great web site:
We Send You Our Blessings . It is a great little "movie" entitled "May You Be Blessed - One Million Blessings in One Hundred Days", created by a woman named Kate Nowak, who has a web site called Her web site explores the link between Quantum Physics and how it relates to the universe - pretty interesting stuff - she has some good articles on her web site, too - (although it looks like she hasn't updated it in about a month) - the movie is nice and medative and has a well worth while message.

"May you be blessed with all things good.
May your joys, like the stars at night,
be too numerous to count.
May your victories be more abundant
than all the grains of sand
on all the beaches
on all the oceans
in all the world."
©2006 by Kate Nowak. All rights reserved.

Thanks to Kate Nowak for her inspiring words. I'm off, like the king in his counting house, to count up our monies from our plant sale. Good night!

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Nancy K. said...

Hi Tina! I just got caught up on your blog. You've been a busy lady! ;-) Are any of your sisters close enough to come visit when you go in for your surgery? I bet you guys are close! I lost both of my parents (mom to lung cancer & daddy to Alzheimers/COPD) and know what it means to feel like an orphan. I'm pretty tight with my big brothers. I have 3 younger siblings but it's my big brothers that I feel connected to. Good luck with the surgery. I hope you're out sitting by that beautiful waterfall and playing with your wonderful lambs soon! How's your hubby holding up with all this?lfldfb