Saturday, May 24, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

A time for memorial it is,
a time for remembering
the human loss in human wars, the silence of voices, the bending of hearts forever.

We remember, we do not deny all these things happened,
We remember, and join our silence to the silence of those who perished in wars,
in skirmishes,
in revolutions, in revolts,
in assaults, in riots,
be they civilians or soldiers,
or human beings of any sort
caught up in the tangle of the years.

For all losses are real losses
to those whose love has not grown thin and sour.
And may all those who live be deepened
by their remembering in this silence.

Excerpt from War Requiem"
by Mark Belletini
From "Sonata for Voice and Silence"
Skinner House Books, 2008


Sunday, May 18, 2014

What's growin?

The Shepherd has an amazingly GREEN thumb

Seedlings turn into bedding plants, seemingly overnight...

The bonsai collection comes outside for the

Ok, so he didn't plant this one, but, I thought she kind of fit in with the train of thought...

Our wedding rhododendron bloomed it's little heart out this year.  Did it realize it was our 20th anniversary?

This picture from Vikki is a couple of weeks old - she is growing like a weed - but her spots are still brown!

And what is this interesting thing?

It's a SNAIL!

These scourges have quietly moved up the coast, hitchhiking in plants brought into the area from southern growers. 

Kind of a pretty thing, but quickly crunched under the boot of The Shepher  Gardner.  Snails are not something that he wants to be growin' in his garden. 

And finally - a couple of pictures and a short video of our FAVORITE band of all time, Pearl D'Jango - They were playing at Bellwood Acres - Not the best sound but a fun venue, and GREAT crowd. - The sax player was just sitting in with the band - but he proved to be a fantastic addition!

Our table was only a few feet from the stage - it was a fun concert -

Enjoy the music - (it takes a minute to buffer - be patient )    I'll be back later this week with some updated lamb pictures - WOW, they are really growing fast!


Sunday, May 11, 2014

A long ago promised post...

Oh me, oh my... it seems like eons ago that we promised you a Caturday report on the 2014 Wonderful Woolies Farm Sale - in fact the sale was a WHOLE MONTH AGO!

But, you see, I have a good 'scuse - Mummy came down with a bad case of "The Mizzries"  She said on a scale of 1-10, her pain was a 15!! (pain from the right side of her neck down to her fingers & back!)  Her kiropraktor said he thought it was a pinched nerve in her neck - and when his ministrations didn't work Mummy even went to her GP doktor, (and if you know Mummy, you know she praktikally has to be dying before she'll go to her GP doktor)  He said - "oh, yeah, it could be a pinched nerve.  Here, take these good drugs and maybe they will help."  She actually missed two days of work at the Salt Mine - probably only the 4th or 5th time in 20 years that she has missed days for being "sick" - Poor Mummy.  (but we had lots of cuddle time on the big bed.  I made it a practice to lay down on her middle so she couldn't get up and go anywhere)

But I promised to tell you about the farm sale that she and The Shepherd took part in - That happened B/4 the Mizzries, thank heavens)                             

Their friends Yvonne & Dr. Doug invite about a dozen or so other "wool farmers" to join them for a day and people are invited from far and near to come & buy the fiber that they have to sell. 

Set up was Friday afternoon - Here are The Shepherd, Dr. Doug and another Shepherd called Rocky pushing racks form the house to the barn, where everything is getting set up for customers to come on Saturday morning.  We have people come from as far away as Seattle (90 miles or so) because they know that the fiber we offer will be top notch. 

Here is The Shepherd getting his booth set up in the barn. 

 Meanwhile Mummy was in the house helping Yvonne tag bags of roving.  That's Niki with Miss Daisy.
Over the years, one of Mummy's favorite spinning fiber sources has beem Kathy Green Roving - She buys bulk fine micron white wool, dyes it and processes the roving into 6 & 8 ounce bumps - Kathy has announced that she is retiring from the wool processing business & selling her mill.  Darn.

There were lots of choices for people to make -
batts, bumps, colored or natural fibers. 

Yvonne has CVM Romeldale sheep.  She sends some of her fleeces off to be mill spun. 

Sadly, the one thing that they didn't take a picture of was Mummy's yarn display.  She had eleven skeins of yarn to sell and sold 5 of them, including the one of Blue faced Leicester/silk for $69!!

Here was the happy sales desk crew.  There was ONE check out counter - that way the different vendors didn't have to worry about keeping track of money separately. 

Vikki (with her back to you in the beautiful hand made vest) was making her annual deal with The Shepherd for her annual Shetland Fleece.

The finished booth.

Mummy thought that the 4 oz packages of white roving would be very popular, but only a couple of them sold.  She's hoping she can tempt some of her spinner guild buddies into buying them. 

Mummy here -

So this is what I did with the money I earned from selling my yarn - bought a stash ahead of Kathy Green Roving. 

These fun little 4 oz. bags of mystery colors spin up quickly and make pretty yarn.  I've already got plans to make presents for the ladies that I work with out of some of the blue/green (Seahawks colors, you know)

The Wonderful Woollies sale is always fun and it is nice to see so many people come and buy our local fiber.  I can't wait for next years!!