Monday, May 22, 2006

Hurry up and Wait - Surgery Day

Hello everyone, this is Jordin filling in for Tina while she’s in the hospital. Although there was an hour delay in her surgery causing her to still be in recovery at this time, the doctor was extremely positive about the procedure. From what they can tell the cancer had not progressed past the uterine walls. In fact, things looked so good that the surgeon didn’t see a need to do a check on her lymph-nodes which is a great sign. John too is doing well, he sounded jovial if a little tired on the phone and was off to grab a bite to eat with Nan. Hopefully Tina will be awake (although probably not jovial) by the time they get back. I’ll submit another update as soon as I hear anything. Hopefully, if all goes well (and I don’t get lost - my directional sense being rather laughable at times even with a map) I’ll be able to give you an eye witness report tomorrow evening at the latest. Thank you everyone for your thoughts, prayers, and support. I know they mean the world to both Tina and John.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jordin, for the update. Sounds like great news. So relieved. Please give Tina my love ....when she's awake enough to understand someone's talking to her :)

Ashlea Simpson

Anonymous said...

What a relief to hear the good news! Now we'll pray for a speedy recovery. Hugs and Love to you and John.
Judy and Gary

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update-Tina and John are in my family's prayers.

Michael Sassi

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news!!! What a relief. Thank you Jordin for keeping us updated. Love and a big hug to Tina, Jamie