Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Busy hands are --- well, busy hands...

I have been doing a LOT of crocheting lately - this baby quilt for a friend's son and daughter-in-law who just had their first baby -

It's about 3 1/2 feet wide -

And this one for a co-worker whose wife is expecting their second child. It is about 3' x 4' - both of them are double strand baby acrylic - (I finally found a use for all that baby yarn I inexplicably bought two years ago)

I wish that the color on this one had come out better on the big picture -

but you can kind of see it here - it looks like you are looking into a swimming pool - all green and blue (my favorite colors) and sparkly white. -

I have them all wrapped in tissue and stashed in some neat cloth bags that I bought on line from Oriental Trading Co. I was looking for some project bags for some of the kidlets at church that I am teaching how to crochet - these were bright rainbow colors - about the size of a small fabric shopping bag - a dozen for about $12 - one for each kidlet and a half dozen for me for gift bags - such a deal.

After I took the afghan pictures, I puttered around on the porch taking pictures of our Japanese maples. This pictures is for Michelle because I know they are her favorites.

This made me think of all the Sci-Fi movies and TV shows that are coming out this summer - no, it's not a pod people plant, just a wisteria getting really close to blooming.

You probably won't hear from me for another week or so, as I'll be working on a project for church - a craft that is really seductive - I can see why people fall in love with it...but certain people read my blog sometimes, so... mum's the word...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Looking Back Sunday

This was taken last year at the end of April. This year, the lilacs have just started to bloom- they are almost a month late.

We still haven't hit 70 degrees yet. People in other parts of the world are having such horrible weather, I hate to complain, bur really - this is getting to be too much!

Luckily I have lots of indoor projects - I have finished two baby blankets - finally using up some acrylic baby yarn I purchased for unknown reasons at Joanne Fabrics a couple of years ago. They are really pretty - I'll take pictures of them tomorrow

Recent rain storms (although nothing like other parts of the country) have stripped our trees of blossoms -

I've also been busy spinning - we have been asked to take part in an arts & crafts fair in September - I suddenly realized that if it happened today, I'd have very little to offer - So I'm busy making yarn and will be using some of it to crochet fingerless gloves to offer at that same fair.

Mother Nature seems to have gone all "girly" this year - it seems like there is pink everywhere - especially our dogwood, which stands out in the garden like a beacon -

I have been rendered speechless again and again when looking at the pictures coming out of Joplin MO. The town is very much the same size as Bellingham - and the devastation there is unfathomable.

Looking back to May of 2006 - I was home from surgery at Seattle's Cancer Care Alliance. Our friend Diane brought me this bloom of a beautiful peony from her garden, We loved it so much, she was kind enough to give us a start from it. This year it has four stalks and lots of blossoms - again, it is also about a month late in blooming.

It's been a busy couple of weeks - church newsletter time and all - plus I'm working on a top secret project for our minister, who is retiring after serving our church for the past 20 years. You'll probably get to see a picture of it, but not until after next Sunday.

Hopefully I'll be able to get back to you before then - but if not, have a great week! Can you believe it is almost JUNE??? - the next thing we know, it will be the 4th of July!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

From the Garden

Aspergrass - that's what my sister & I used to call it - my grandma had a bed of asparagus the size of- well, the size of a single bed but maybe longer -

This is asparagus from The Shepherd's garden - and yes, those are quarters -

And, yes, it is purple...

It wasn't that it had been growing for a while - one of the bigger stalks (the one at the bottom of the picture) is only a day of growing!

But it was very tender and tasty - because I was cooking it with some (much thinner) stalks that I had bought at the grocery store, I decided to split each stalk in half - the cooked up very tender - in fact much more tender than the thinner stalks from the grocery store.

The shepherd thinks there will be one more little picking of about this much - he's got more growing in the greenhouse from seed - and some he planted last year in gallon pots. I'm thinking he'll be moving it all into the garden for coming year's production! Yum.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Looking back Sunday - Happy Blogoversary to Me!

May 7, 2006 - my first blog -

May 7, 2011 - my 663rd blog -

Wow, where has the time gone??

I took this picture of this peony on 5/7/2006 - it has been so cold and rainy this year, this peony hasn't even thought about blooming yet...

Looking back, it was also the weekend of our church's plant sale. (these pictures are from that weekend - a nice sunny day)

Today was this year's plant sale - We previously had it at one of our member's home - she had a nice BIG garage for us to sit in - chilly but DRY-but, all good things must come to an end - she sold that house, so we moved our sale to our church premises in Blaine - No big garage p in fact, no outside covered area at all.

Well, this year, not so much on the sun, in fact, it was raining like a son of a gun when I got up - this morning, and all the way to Blaine, it was pouring so hard the windshield wipers were on double time.

Oh, man, I thought, I sure hope the put up a "canopy" to sit under... (I take the money)

When I got there, no canopy, but also, no rain. By the time The Shepherd got my chair out of my car, the rain had miraculously stopped - (the power of prayer??) and it did not rain the entire 4 hours of our sale - in fact, when I left the church, it was actually a little bit sunny.

We didn't do as well this year as before - we had built up a "clientele" over at Vickie's house - people who knew to look for the sale - so now we are starting over again - and, it has been so rainy and cold, I think that people just aren't thinking of gardening yet.

Oh, I suppose I shouldn't complain - my home is warm and dry - I can still (barely) afford to put gasoline in my car so I can drive the 25 miles to Blaine to get to our church, and the nearest tornado - well, we have never had a tornado in our area -

So, on this my 663rd blog, I say thank you to all my loyal readers - I know you are out there, even if you don't leave any comments. (hint, hint)

Oh, and Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Spring Green


Coral Bark Maple

The first Green Bean - up and at'em

Bonsai Dwarf Astilbe

Still hoping for sun.........

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Loking Back Sunday - Happy May Day

Every year on the Sunday closest to May 1st our Sunday School teacher at church organizes a May Pole "event".

Everyone wears crowns of ivy,

There is a small park adjacent to our church where one of the members puts up our May Pole that Margot has festooned with ribbon.

Although these pictures are from 2009, today's "dance" was much like this one - the sun was out (for once) and the group was in good spirits.

Everyone is given their ribbon and assigned either to "sky" or "grass" - ie - you go over first or under first - the finished pole is colorful and festive.

One year she took all the ribbon off the pole afterward and made it into a beautiful woven wall hanging.

Not much is made of "May Day" any more - When I was a little girl my sister and I would make paper baskets and fill them with flowers from my mom and grandma's gardens - for who else? My mom and grandma -

This year everyone came back to the church to share a yummy Transylvanian lunch that our minister had made to benefit our partner church in, where else, Transylvania.

On the home front, The Shepherd is still sick with the flu - I say still - he's been sick since Friday the 22nd.

I'm more than ready for him to get well.

So, Happy SUNday (which we've had might little of here in the Pacific NW - April was the coldest and wettest in HISTORY) and Happy May Day!