Sunday, November 30, 2014

We gather together in joyful thanksgiving...

Howdy effurry body and effurry kitty!

Well, Mummy has been busier than a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs - ha ha ha ha

No, honestly, she has been -

She and the Shepherd went to see a singer lady called Joan Baez a couple of weeks ago.  Some of the peeps that she works with had never heard of Ms. Joanie before - I heard Mummy say they were cretins, what ever that means...

Anyhow, I heard her telling the Shepherd that this was one of the best concerts she had been to in a while.  Joan Baez is 71 years old (in People years!) and still touring over 50 dates a year.  She plays amazing guitar and still sings like an angel.  If you get a chance to see her in concert, Mummy says you should definitely go!

Well, we hate to complain, but it's been darn cold here - only in the 20's and I know we shouldn't complain, because we didn't get any snow and those poor people in Buffalo got 6 feet of the darn stuff.  But HEY, 20 degrees is just darn cold!  (ha ha, Mummy here - I walked into the bathroom and George was stretched out completely over the furnace vent!)  And yesterday it was so windy that when Mummy stopped at the gas station to put fuel in her car, the wind was blowing soooooo hard that she actually had to hold on to the car because she was afraid she was going to get blown over! But, it is clear and sunny (or in this case, would you say, clear and moony?) 

We hope you had a good Thanksgiving - Mummy and The Shepherd went over to their friend Nancy's house - Mummy made pies - pumpkin and apple and a pumpkin ice cream torte that she made up the recipe for!  It was semi-homemade pumpkin ice cream over pumpkin cake & everyone said it was very good (and she apologizes for not being able to get the picture right side up.  Her friend took the picture with her cell phone and even though Mummy edited the picture & saved it right side up, it still posted sideways.  Computers - bah)  She said that she will post the recipe, but she has to write it down first! 

Mummy also cooked a turkey here yesterday (Saturday) so she and The Shepherd would have "left overs" - and a turkey body to make soup with.  She gave me and Bella some little pieces of turkey meat tonight - it was very tasty.

Who ME?  I don't know nuthin about no glasses of water...
Speaking of Bella, she has been very naughty lately. The Shepherd runs a glass of water and leaves it on the counter before he goes to bed so he'll have something to drink if he gets up in the night.  Well, Bella thinks she should be able to drink out of that glass, and of course can't get her fat head in the glass and proceeds to knock it over, and gets water all over the place!  Mummy can't convince The Shepherd if he'd just leave a little bowl of water in the sink Bella wouldn't bother his glass, oh well...

Mummy promises that she'll be better at getting the news to you on a more consistent basis.  She has lots to tell you about the sheepies and other stuff. 

Have a great week!  XOX  Your roving reporter, George