Sunday, May 21, 2006

No Water after Midnight

Magnesium citrate - boy if anyone ever tells me again that I need to take some, they'd better have a DAMN good reason. I got one & about 1/2 bottle down, thought I was going to throw up - and its supposed to make stuff come out the other end!

Blech! And to top it all off, the power went off at about 8:00 - billions of last minute loose ends - clean off the kitchen table - vacuum - etc. - and John's jeans for the week in the dryer - wet! Obviously, it's back on now - I finally got the computer to boot up so I could email our church newsletter to the printer so it will be ready for next weekend. I was sweating it there for a little bit.

We're leaving early in the a.m. so we can get John checked into his motel BEFORE my surgery so he won't have to worry about what time he gets back there. Our minister, Nan, is going to sit with him during my surgery. If I know her, they'll have all of next year's services planned out by the time I'm out! (John is our Choir Director, if you don't know)

I have to take a shower tonight with some radical anti-bacterial soap and then again tomorrow a.m. so, I guess I'd better get to it. I packed my suitcase by candle light- hope I remembered everything. (that's why they made VISA cards, right?)

BTW, if you are just joining in, make sure to read the archives - the blog spot will only keep a weeks worth on at a time on the screen.

OH, I forgot - we bought a new lamb today - her name is Gwendolyn and we used to own her grandma - what goes around comes around. I'll see if I can't get a picture of her on here when I get home - she is black & white spotted - kind of like a little dalmation :-)


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