Monday, March 23, 2015

Life is going on

This was Bella's favorite perch when we were out in the barn/greenhouse area.  Surveying his kingdom.  

Thank you to everyone of you for your kind thoughts and prayers about Bella.  He still has not returned and as I do not have a sense of his "spirit" anyplace close, I don't know what else to do but think of him in the arms of his angels. 

Meanwhile the kids have stopped sitting on the back porch and staring into space, and they are eating again - not that I was worried that they would starve to death, I think Gracie must weigh about 20 pounds!  But for the first 10 days or so, they just didn't seem that interested in food.

But they definitely are interested in snuggles - big time - ask my how easy it is to type with a cat on your lap.  And he doesn't "perch" - he kind of spreads out to be as comfortable as he can get - laying on my keyboard tray - silly cat...

Both The Shepherd & I have had bad head colds/cough/laryngitis/sneezy type stuff.  I even took a day off work last week - I think George was the only one who got any sleep that night.... I probably should have taken two days off especially since one of my jobs is to answer the phone, and that is pretty hard to do when you sound like a squeaky toy

We sheared a couple of weeks ago, and I have lots of pictures of pretty fleeces - I'll try to post them this next week.


Saturday, March 07, 2015

Losing hope

 My heart is broken. 

The thin late winter sun does little to brighten my day - saddened by the disappearance of our sweet kitty Bella.

Even George & Gracie seem sad.  They sit on the back porch and stare off into the distance - like I do - hoping to see her in the shadows

And they are kind of off their feed too - where as last week, they would chow down twice a day on a bowl of crunchies and 1/3 of a "hockey puck" can of "stinky goodness" - now, they barely eat 1/4 of a can, and not so much on the crunchies either.   (which, really, isn't a bad thing, they are both a little (well maybe a lot) pudgy) 

I just don't like the not knowing.