Saturday, May 20, 2006

Vitamin Water and J - E - L - L - O

It was really hard to cook John's steak tonight while I had a "Keto-Slim" shake - I did put some Ghiradelli chocolate and some DQ ice cream in it though - I don't REALLY start the liquid diet thing until tomorrow - so I really wasn't cheating.

We have a potluck at church tomorrow - (this is a picture of the memorial garden that John has landscaped there)
This is one group of people who really know how to cook - and there are "signture dishes" that you always hope that one person or another will bring - But tomorrow, as everyone feasts on Reah's salad with mandarin oranges and sugared almonds - or those yummy scalloped potatoes that someone always brings - I'll be drinking green tea "Vitamin Water" and eating my Sugar Free Jello. (Clear liquids only) Yum!

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Nancy K. said...

Good luck, tomorrow, Dear friend. I just KNOW that everything will go well. I hope you're back home and enjoying your lovely landscaping in no time! ;-)