Sunday, November 10, 2013

Even Though it's Pumpkin Time again...

Yes, even though it's Pumpkin time, this pretty blossom is in bloom in the nursery.  
 Not a big crop this year - this is about half, and we normally have about 2 dozen - just as well, we still have many packages left in the freezer from last year. It was just too hot to bake this summer. 

Some of the pretty leaves that have fallen from our many trees. 

And here's the proud gardener with one of this year's pumpkin crop.  He has a birthday next weekend - I found a biography of Red Cloud on Amazon last night - I think that it will have a couple of $20 bill bookmarks in it.  He's a very hard guy to buy for...

Hope you all have a good week.   

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Hey Effurrybody! It's Caturday!!

Hello Effurrybody & Effurrykitty!

It's Caturday!  And it's cooooold and raining dogs outside!  So, as you can see, all these pictures were taken LAST Caturday, but Mummy didn't get a chance to sit down at the 'puter and put them on for you til now. 

We hope that you had a good Howloweenie -  Mummy's party at work went really well and everyone had a good time.

Georgie & I both had good sand baths last week while the sand was dry.  If we tried it today we'd be a muddy mess that even Georgie wouldn't like. 

The Shepherd put Elliott in with his girls last Saturday.  He moved Elliott and Frosty into the girls barn, because there is more room for everyone in there.

Here he was making googly eyes at Mummy - she says his furs are very soft.  The Shepherd says he has been very respectful and has not tried any funny stuff when he has taken the snacks in for breakfast and dinner. 

Everyone wasn't quite sure of what to make of this slobbery boy - actually Violet chased HIM around for a while, but then things settled down.  Mummy says if everybody has babies we'll have 10 more sheepies around here next spring.

Now, that ought to be interesting!!!

The leaves are almost gone from the trees today, with all the wind and the rain that we have had.  But last week they were very pretty - these are on the coral bark maple. 

So, we hope you have a good week ahead.  Don't forget to turn your clocks back tonight, and remember to vote on Tuesday!


Your roving reporter,