Monday, December 31, 2012

A "Rockin" New Year's at the farm - - - -

 After a hard day of sleeping, Gracie and George do a little spit bathing to get ready for the big night. 

"Here George, let me get that for you", Gracie says...

 A hard day at sleep morphs into a hard night at sleep for Bella -


The Shepherd has wondered why this rock kept appearing in the middle of the pathway - the mystery is solved, and George shows off his fancy dance steps, for a Rockin' New Year's Eve.  See ya in 2013! 

Friday, December 28, 2012

Hello Effury body & kitty! It's CATURDAY!

 Hi Effury body - it's me, Gracie with the Caturday Report! 

I was giving Mummy a really bad time the other day because it has been such a long time since she let me do a Caturday Report. 

She said she was sorry, but she had been verrrry busy -  yeah, busy on that computer thingy.  Oh, well -

The Sheepies had a Spa Day last weekend, so Mummy was out helping the Shepherd.  She took lots of pictures of their furs and promises that she will show them to you next week. 

Meanwhile she took lots of pictures of me and Georgie with the flashie box.  (by the way, Mummy says that's not a sewer pipe in back of me, it is the place that she puts her shiny gazie ball on in the summer)  

Georgie is ruminating as to how many jumps up it will take him to get to the top of the arbor.  


 I think it too two, and we didn't tell The Shepherd that the next place he jumped was up onto the plastic bubble top of the greenhouse.  It makes The Shepherd furry mad when us kitties get up there, so I try to stay on his good side and stay down.  Heights make me dizzy anyhow. 

Speaking of heights...

This is where Bella likes to hang out.  Mummy wonders if she is hunting for birdies and just thinks she'll have a better chance up on the roof - and it scares Mummy in case Bella might think that she can fly.

Speaking of being a-skeert - Mummy got up to use her potty box the other night and discovered that all of us kitties were in the bed room with her and The Shepherd - when she listened at the window she knew why - it sounded like the ebil coyotes were all out in the front yard singing their songs.  They would sing, then the doggies next door would bark, then the coyotes would sing some more and then the doggies would bark some more.  Then a train went by (about 1/2 mile away) and when the whistle blowed, all them doggies and ebil coyotes were singing.  It was not a safe place for a kittie to be - out there with the singing coyotes.  We were glad that Mummy lets us come in the house. 

Whew - all that talk about the ebil coyotes singing makes me want to go take a nap.  Effurry body have a Happy New Year - Hopefully we'll be back next week with another Caturday Report.

Your roving reporter,  Gracie

Thursday, December 27, 2012

And now for something (not so completely) different...

 Last fall at the Artisan's Faire I participated in,  our friend Lydia bought some of my yarn and asked me if I could make fingerless gloves for her (grown) daughters for Christmas presents. 

Well, I love Lydia to pieces and was only too happy to comply.  In fact, I decided to go one step farther and make little cowls for the gals to match the gloves.  

In this set, for the cowl, I dipped into my stash of "little balls of yarn" and used bits and pieces of left over yarns from other projects, the turquoise from the gloves, next was some yarn that had turquoise, blue and golden brown from a baby sweater I made a few years ago, (which matched the golden that I had left over from making the other set - see below), then some navy, that had a little of the gold color in it from a hat I made for my sister, plus some light turquoise (which was some of the first yarn that I ever spun!) and then finally another couple of rows of the original color.


I don't think the colors could have gone together any better if I had planned them to be that way. 

 For as many crochet books and magazines that I have, I ended up making up this pattern from an afghan pattern that I found - and added two silver buttons to keep it closed. 

This was a "small" version of my favorite scarf - Mosiac Scarf's Little Sister - I used some Ferndale Fiber Potluck Roving called "Golden Pear" that I got last year at our friends fiber sale.  It is not a color that she makes on a regular basis, so I was lucky to get it. 

I was spinning it at the Artisans Faire to demonstrate how yarn was made.  Lydia bought it right off the wheel!  After I made the gloves, I looked at the gold with some brown alpaca that I had spun up and decided that they were a natural together.

It made quite a pretty ensemble, don't you think?  I just put one brown wooden button on this one - The roving was fairly soft and of course, the alpaca was absolutely dreamy. 

I hope that they are enjoying their gifts as much as I enjoyed making them. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Bring us some figgy pudding...

The word on the street is Merry Catmouse!   
(Does that Figgy Pudding come in Gourmet Grill flavor???)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

We wish you a Merry Christmas.....

We wish you a Merry Christmas!
(now get these stupid hats offun us)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Night For Bells to Ring

Free Church Unitarian, a drawing by Hal Logan
This past Sunday night was our church's Christmas program & concert.  The whole nine yards - the choir has been working for months on special music, our Religious Education director had been rehearsing with the children their Shadow Puppet show, and our new minister, Rev. Marcia Stanard had prepared some wonderful readings. 

It was truly "A Night For Bells to Ring". (one of the songs the choir had practiced for so long, made a wonderful title for the program, don't you think?)

Then the unimaginable tragedy in Newtown, CT happened on Friday morning.  How could anyone celebrate when so many were grieving? 

So we allowed as how bells ring for sadness too -and remembered the victims by lighting 26 candles,  and went on with our service.  It was a nice evening and our choir? We did a great job for 10 voices. 

And in the back of our minds, we all wondered, why? 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Congrats, Bonnie -

Sometimes you have friends that you spend a lot of time with and then for one reason or another, they fade away.  In this case, I guess it was divorce and the ex-husband got us in the separation.

But I'd like to give a nod to an old friend Bonnie & her partner Ellen who were married Sunday on the steps of the Whatcom County Courthouse, as Ref. 74, allowing same sex marriage went into law on Sunday night. 

To quote Bonnie :The law caught up with love". .  You go, girls. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Dark Time of the Year

The next few weeks are my least favorite time of the year - it is cold - not so cold as in the "Frozen North" - but so cold that I got up and put on another night gown and a pair of socks last night.  I was still cold - an hour later, I got up and put another blanket on my side of the bed - The Shepherd kicks off most of his covers at one time or another during the night.  Go figure.

The song "Turning Toward the Morning" is a favorite of mine - I learned it many years ago from my friend & banjo teacher Mike Marker - The songwriter, Gordon Bok wrote it in response to a letter he received from a friend who was having a bad year - his words to her were full of encouragement that the morning always comes and spring will be here before you know it. 

Bok, who lives in Maine, rarely leaves the northeast, but if you get a chance to see him, don't miss it.  I found several renditions of the song by others on You-Tube but none that I would endorse by putting them here.  So you'll just have to believe me that this song will get you through the tough times.  

(Gordon Bok)

When the deer has bedded down
And the bear has gone to ground,
And the northern goose has wandered off
To warmer bay and sound,
It's so easy in the cold to feel
The darkness of the year
And the heart is growing lonely
For the morning

Oh, my Joanie, don't you know
That the stars are swinging slow,
And the seas are rolling easy
As they did so long ago?
If I had a thing to give you,
I would tell you one more time
That the world is always turning
Toward the morning.

Now October's growing thin
And November's coming home;
You'll be thinking of the season
And the sad things that you've seen,
And you hear that old wind walking,
Hear him singing high and thin,
You could swear he's out there singing
Of your sorrow.

When the darkness falls around you
And the Northwind come to blow,
And you hear him call you name out
As he walks the brittle snow:
That old wind don't mean you trouble,
He don't care or even know,
He's just walking down the darkness
Toward the morning.

It's a pity we don't know
What the little flowers know.
They can't face the cold November
They can't take the wind and snow:
They put their glories all behind them,
Bow their heads and let it go,
But you know they'll be there shining
In the morning.

Now, my Joanie, don't you know
That the days are rolling slow,
And the winter's walking easy,
As he did so long ago?
And, if that wind would come and ask you,
"Why's my Joanie weeping so?"
Wont you tell him that you're weeping
For the morning?

Saturday, December 08, 2012

A New Mantra?

Well folks, I'm in luck.  They have now classified "hoarding disorder" as a a psychological condition in the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). "Hoarding disorder" with it's own separate diagnosis, is characterized by a "persistent difficulty discarding or parting with possessions, regardless of their actual value. 

Oh, man, I am so there...

And as soon as I can figure out how to give the ebil blogger some green papers, I'll be back in business with my owns pictures.  I have three days off next week.  Yay! 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Still in "NO ROOM FOR PICTURES" mode...

Well, as I said on T'giving, the evil Blogger/Picasa has cut me off for free pictures - Apparently I have been posting pictures that were too big in MB, so now I must either go through and re-size a whole heck of a lot of pictures (Over the past 5 years, I've posted almost 3000 pictures to my blog!!) Or, pay $2.49 per month storage and get billions & billions of MB available -

After resizing a dozen pictures or so (it's not difficult, just time consuming) and gaining back about 1/2 of a percent of storage, that $2.49 per month is lookin' pretty good right about now...and after just the few pictures that I did re-size - my hands and fingers were starting to tingle (I just did a big data-base project at work and gave myself some carpal tunnel issues) 

The weird thing is I don't remember getting any kind of warnings that this was going to happen -and for some reason Google Wallet wants to see a copy of my driver's license before it will take my money - So, what's with that???

The cool thing is while I was "re-sizing" all those pictures, I discovered the "Decorate" button on Picassa - so now my cats can wear Hats - or tiara's or mustaches - Bwahaha -

Anyhow, I'd like to thank Jan from Jan's Funny Farm (after you watch the video of the funny vibrating dog, scroll down to the Picasa instructions. It will be worth your time to check it out, and not get caught in a bind by "the ebil Blogger" -

This is my church newsletter week, so unless I get it done pretty quickly, I probably won't post again until next weekend.  Can you believe that it is almost December? 

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Well, the evil Blogger says I'm out of storage space, and Google wallet says I need to scan some documents (no scanner at home...)  so you won't get a picture today. 

Just a heartfelt thanks for being a reader and a friend. 

We hope that you and yours have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Pumpkin Mousse for How Many?

The phone rang a couple of weeks ago and it was a friend from church.  Specifically the lady who was in charge of the dinner for our annual Fund Raiser Auction (which happened to be last night).

"Hello" she said.  "Hi, Donna, what's up?" I replied.

"Well you know that this year's auction has a comic book theme.  For dinner, we're having "Garfield's Lasagna", "Popeye's Spinach Salad" and "Blondies Gourmet Garlic Bread" - We thought it would be great if we could have a pumpkin dessert - you know, like Linus's Great Pumpkin?"

Hmm - I could see where this was going.. "What did you have in mind?"  I asked, "Some kind of a pumpkin pudding," she said.

"Well let me look up some recipes and see what I can come up with."

(Originally she wanted something that could be combined with angel food cake, but after I found this Pumpkin Mousse recipe, I convinced her to ditch the angel food cake and just go with a bowl of mousse accompanied by a ginger snap cookie.)

I called her - "Hi Donna, I found a great recipe - it needs a little tweaking, but I think everyone will like it.  How many are we expecting?"

"Forty people" she said.  I started adding up ingredients in my head.  "OK," I said, and committed myself to making this dessert.

I had looked at a WHOLE lot of recipes before I finally found one that sounded like it would be good - Keep in mind that I was using fresh/frozen pumpkin puree from our own pumpkins.  The first try at this pudding yield a large (filled my Pampered Chef two quart batter bowl almost to the top) bowl of mousse.  I thought it was pretty good.  The Shepherd thought it was way too rich.  So I did what I always do when I'm trying out a new recipe.  I filled two freezer containers & took them in to the office, knowing that I would get some pretty honest comments.  I thought my co-worker Kay would like it - she didn't like it at all - 'tasted raw' she said.  Yes, I had noticed that - pumpkin has kind of an "edgy" quality to it - especially with the pumpkin pie spice - the cinnamon and cloves were pretty pronounced.  Another co-worker thought it was good, but again, the richness kind of put her off -

Well, it did have two cups of whipped cream in it - maybe if I used half vanilla yogurt - back to the proverbial drawing board.

Side story - I used to sell Pampered Chef products and one of the things that I really liked was that I earned LOTS of free stuff - kitchen gadgets, stoneware, cookware.  I LOVE my Pampered Chef stuff!  In fact, I still have the original Classic Kitchen Scraper , the first PC product that that I bought almost 18 years ago - it still looks new, and they are still just $12.  TWELVE DOLLARS for a kitchen scraper you say?  But when you take into account that it is one piece silicone so the head doesn't come off and get icky stuff inside it, and after 18 years, I still have it (plus three other regular ones, two skinny scrapers, two large mix-n-scrapers and one small mix-n-scraper - I use one or more of them almost every day), I'd say $12 was a real bargain.  But I digress...

One of the things I earned was a double boiler pan.  Mine is not exactly like the new ones, but the premise is the same - a nice stainless steel pan that fit right on top of my Revere ware pan.  And now, many years later, I was getting a chance to use it!  Because I knew that my fresh pumpkin had to be cooked again before I could use it for the mousse (canned pumpkin has been double cooked in the canning process) and I didn't want to have to stand over a pan watching it every minute so it didn't burn.  The double boiler just fit the bill.  And it worked like a champ.  I mixed my pumpkin, milk and spices with my immersion blender and cooked it in my double boiler pan for about 45 minutes (until it "tasted done" if you know what I mean) let it cool and made the mousse recipe again.  It was much better -

I was ready to go - had my ingredients all lined up - and got a message on the answering machine from Donna last Thursday.  She sounded a small bit hysterical. - "The Auction committee has just told me that they think we might have 60 people - so you need to make your mousse for 60 instead of 40"    Yikes...that's a LOT of pudding!  Re think my ingredient list, - all in all,  it took 9-10 cups of fresh pumpkin puree, 4 1/2 cups of milk, three pkgs of Philly lite cream cheese, three large pkgs. of instant vanilla pudding, a whole lot of pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon, some sugar and 9 cups of whipped chream - filled up my BIG Tupperware bowl plus another large stainless steel bowl -that much pudding is kind of daunting - 

Long story short - we ended up only having 38 people show up for dinner - so my original amount would have been just fine.  The left over bowl worked just fine for dessert for the left over lasagna at church today - one young fellow liked it so well he had three bowls full!

This version makes enough for 8-10 people

  • ½ package (4 ounces) Light cream cheese, softened (I used Philadelphia brand)
  • 1/4 cup Granulated Sugar
  • 1 can (15 ounces) solid-pack pumpkin   ***or 2 cups of fresh pumpkin puree
  • 1 package (3.4 ounces) instant vanilla pudding mix
  • 2 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice  (Pampered Chef Cinnamon Plus, of course!)
  • ½ tsp cinnamon
  • 1 cup cold 2% milk + ½ cup if you are using the fresh pumpkin
  • 1 cup whipping cream (makes two cups whipped)
  • ¼ cup powdered sugar
  • 24 gingersnaps, divided
***if you are using home grown pumpkin puree, you need to cook your 2 cups of puree & a cup milk plus your spices in a double boiler on medium heat for about 30-45 minutes until it loses that “raw” taste.  Cool before combining with the cream cheese & pudding mix.  I added another ½ cup of milk when I added the pudding mix.    
  • In a large bowl, beat cream cheese and sugar until smooth; add pumpkin, pudding mix, spices and milk. 
  • Whip your cream with the powdered sugar to a fairly stiff peak.  Fold whipped cream into the pumpkin/pudding mixture,  Chill until ready to serve.  
  • Serving suggestion:  Spoon 1/4 cup mousse into each of eight serving dishes. Crumble 16 gingersnaps; sprinkle a spoonful over mousse. Top with remaining mousse. Serve with a Gingersnap cookie. 
  • Refrigerate until serving. Yield: 8-10 servings. 

    It tastes like a creamy pumpkin cheesecake, but not so strong on the cream cheese flavor,  I know that I'll be making this recipe again - probably for my spinner guild's Christmas party. 

    I hope you enjoy it as much as we all did. 

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Where we sleep

Hello - Gracie here -  Now that the weather outside has turned to fall and cold, we've been staying inside more and finding our favorite sleeping spaces.
 Like The Shepherd's little nest on the couch - I have to be careful, because if I sleep here at night, sometimes he comes out to sit a while if he can't sleep and he almost sits down on me! 

My very fav spot to sleep though is on the "big bed" - I 'specially like it if Mummy is still sleeping then I can snuggle up next to her.

George likes sleeping anyplace Mummy is - lots of times on her lap, but if she is at the 'puter, her lap doesn't work, so he sleeps on the floor at her feet. 

Sometimes he can be found sleeping on top of the clothes dryer.  I think is is too noisy there, but he mostly goes there after the thing has shut off.  

I like it when George comes to sleep with me on the big bed -

"Here, George, Let me clean out your ears"

Bella likes to meditate on places up high (on top of the TV's, or the refrig) but she really likes sleeping in the middle of the living room floor, where she can trip up anyone foolish enough to be walking around in the dark without a flashlight.

That's it for today folks.  Mummy has a couple of days off from The Salt Mine, and tomorrow she is going to try and make a pumpkin moose.  How she's gonna make a moose out of pumpkins is beyond me. I wonder how she'll make the antlers?   I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

XOX to you all, Gracie


Tuesday, November 06, 2012


Pres. Obama speaks to the media at a campaign office on Tuesday (© Carolyn Kaster/AP)

America makes its choice 




Monday, November 05, 2012

Who's the culprit???

Do you see those munch marks on the left hand side of this (FOIL) bag of Friskies Party Mix?
Who do you suppose did that?

"They" really went to town on the back of the bag -

Who do you suppose is the culprit ? ? ?

And no, we don't have a cat named "NOT ME, MAMMA!"

But we just might have had a cat with a tummy ache from eating toooo many snacks....

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Dona Nobis Pacem - BlogBlast for Peace 2012

Today I'm joining thousands of people, from over 150 countries all over the world blogging for PEACE.  
God knows we need it. 

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Help Rebuild Judith's Studio

My first experience with Judith MacKenzie was in November 2008 when she paid a visit to our spinner guild.  She was good friends of the woman who owned our Local Yarn Store, and "came for a visit" - being a newbie spinner, I didn't know that when you said "Judith" - choirs of angels sang in the background. 

After that, I took two different classes from Judith - and always learned lots, but something more important - to be encouraging of new spinners.  Even if what they were spinning looked "less than desirable" Judith would have something good to say - and a way they could do it better. 

She is also unfailingly generous with fiber - you always get good things to spin when you take her classes. 

One of my spinner guild pals once said "I'd take a class from Judith even if she was teaching how to spin belly button lint"  After I had taken one of Judith's classes, I knew what my pal meant. 

Judith is also an exceptional fleece judge - here she is in 2010 at Black Sheep Gathering.  Listening to her judge fleece is like taking a class on how to pick out the very best fleece to spin.

A couple of years ago, Judith moved to Forks, WA - which seemed like the end of the world to me, was a haven for her.  As artist in residence at the Rainforest Arts Center, she had built up a wonderful studio to share her talents with the world.

Yesterday I received an email from the same friend who I quoted above about spinning "belly button lint"  She told me about "the fire" - on October 29, a catastrophic fire destroyed the arts center building and everything in Judith's studio.  I had heard about the fire - they only said that it burned the store where they sold all the vampire stuff. (Forks, WA is where the Twilight series was based out of)

They didn't say anything about destroying the Arts Center.  When I read her email, I cried. 

A web site has been set up -  Rebuild Judith's Studio   Do what you can to help.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween!





Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hood ornament or road pancake???

You know how sometimes you let a cat (or a child, for that matter) do something that you know is intrinsically dangerous, but it's "cute" or funny so you sort of "allow" it to happen again and again???

Well, this is Bella, climbing up to the roof of my car.  She loves being up high - she is the ultimate snoopervisor and being up high allows her to check on all nature of things.

The Shepherd generally gets home just a little bit before I do (I work until 6:00) - He feeds the wooly units and works around the yard until I come home.

As I would drive through the drive way, if he was out by his truck, I'd stop, roll down my window, and turn off my car to visit and see how his day had gone.

Before you could Blink, Miss Snoopy would be up on the roof of my car, checking things out.

Then after our visit, I'd start the car back up and drive to my parking spot.  Guess who would come along for the ride - - -   ???

She is actually quite good at it - balances up on the middle of the roof and goes for the ride down the driveway - like a Parade Princess - she's just missing the tiara...  and that wave...

Then she sits up there and makes sure I get everything I need out of the car, etc. etc.

Well, last week while I was off work, "working" on the church stuff, I had run to town to do some errands (should have made a list) - I stopped and visited my friend "Jack" (in the Box) for lunch and headed home.  I got to our driveway and realized that I had not gone over to pick up the patch for the minister's stole that I was making.

So, I parked, turned the car off, sat there listening to the radio while I finished my sandwich.

Sandwich finished, I started the car back up, and proceeded to leave.  I got to the gate and paused to let a neighbor go by before I pulled out.  But to my surprise, he pulled off the road in front of my car and stopped!

Oh, he's going to visit a minute, I thought - I rolled down my window - "Hi Rick", I said as he got out of his truck.

"Did you know you have a passenger?" he asked.  as he walked over to my door - I'm, like, very puzzled..."HuH?"

"The cat on the roof of your car" - he said - "did you know it is up there?  Is it yours? Shall I get it off?"

"Oh, YES!" I said. 

Oh, my gosh - unbeknownst to me, that darn Bella had gotten up on the car while I was finishing my lunch, and like always, she thought she was just going for a little ride down the driveway...

Normally, I would have stopped to close the gate, and would have seen her up there.  But because I was just going to be gone for a few minutes, I had decided to not bother.  Who knows what would have happened, had the neighbor not stopped.  I'm sure it would have ruined my day (and hers) had she tried to jump off as I sped of down the road to finish my errands. 
What's the big deal???

So thanks, Neighbor Rick, for "saving the day" and keeping Bella from certain harm.

The next time, I'll check up there before I take off. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

a Whirlwind of activity

I had three days off last week & I used them to get ready for our church's Covenanting Ceremony on Sunday evening for our new minister.  (She is already installed part time at another church in the Portland area, so the District would not let us "Install" her as our minister).

So we called it a Covenanting Ceremony.  Well, six of one, half dozen of the other -

But the Saturday before that I had a Spinner Guild meeting to go to.  I had 12 skeins of yarn that needed to be wound into balls, so instead of taking my wheel, I took my umbrella swift  and my  Yarn Ball Winder and my big basket FULL of skeins of yarn.


It literally took me the whole three hours to get them all done.

Then when I got home, I had lots of snoopervision getting everything out of the trunk.

We have to really watch Bella - as you can see from the picture above, she disappears into the darkness.  

But she is VERY good at snoopervision - everything that comes out of the car has to have the official BSOA - The Bella Stamp Of Approval! 

Anyhow - getting back to last week and my three days off - I was in charge of putting together the program for Sunday night (from our Minister's Order of Service) and I was also making a new "pew card" Order of Service for regular Sunday services.  Then there was the matter of the "congregational gift" - traditionally a cleric's stole

- which I figured - How hard could it be? 

(Famous last words...)  I had a pattern from our choir stoles - - then we decided to make it in velveteen -

Oh, My - measure three times before you cut once - I was so nervous - (when I told the lady at Joanne's Fabrics that I had the project because I had a sewing machine - she said that she would think about getting rid of that sewing machine... ha ha ---) 

We arranged with a local embroidery company to make the chalice patch (bottom right hand corner of the picture) & I set out to put it together.  The patch had to be hand sewn onto the velveteen, which took longer than I though it would, and if I were to do it again, I realized that I should have put some interfacing on the back - because it lacked - ah, - substance, I guess - but as you can see, Rev. Marcia was very happy with it, and as I told her, if she got nervous, she could just stroke it, kind of like a little kid's 'softie'

Saturday, I also made a couple of things for the reception - Sorry I didn't take pictures of them  - but I made some home-made cheese crackers (yum - and easy, I will make these again) and a cream cheese torte  - (my recipe is easy - you basically whip together 1# of room temp. butter & 1# of light cream cheese.  Line a bowl with plastic wrap or cheese cloth (so you can plate it for serving) then I layer it up with what ever I have - this time I made an olive salad with feta cheese for top & bottom layer and smoked salmon for the middle, but I have used pesto, roasted red peppers and artichokes, any number of yummy things.    Let it chill for a couple of hours to set, but it's best served at room temperature) Serve it with crostini bread or crackers - Left overs are very good on pasta too...

All that said - our Sunday was busy (because we had church in the morning too) and ran late into the evening for the ceremony and reception.  Luckily I had planned for Monday off as well because I was one tired puppy and there was still last week's laundry to do!!. 

So, I'm back - I have some new yarn and some crocheted "finished objects" to show you - and a story about "Bella, the hood ornament" and all the new sleeping spots around the house. 

Later -


Where've we been?

and she missed our birfday too! 

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Looking back & Random thoughts -

 It's been a busy time here - trying to catch up on everything I let slide before the Artisan Faire, and getting my church newsletter done.  And unlike "someone I know" , I'm not good at all about stashing my camera in my pocket to get interesting shots of the Mreowws & Bella & the sheepies - so you get a re--hash of some of my favorite pictures from our vacation SEVEN years ago when we went to see the Sequoias in California,  and some Random Thoughts I've had recently.  

Resurrection lilies - I've never been able to get them to grow in our yard - but they are so pretty.  They come up in the spring with all kinds of foliage, that dies down and then in the fall, up pops these beautiful flowers.

A friend of mine's mom passed away a couple of weeks ago and the service was last Saturday.  I learned a long time ago, that even though I may not want to go to a funeral/memorial service, I'm not going for the deceased, but to show my respect to the living. And that has never failed me.

This service, heavily Christian, didn't do much for me - but after giving it MUCH thought over the past week, I realized it was exactly what her family needed to hear.

Random Thought -   In the wake of Hurricane Issac, I was stunned to find out, that over 200,000 people are still living in tent cities from the aftermath of the January 12 2010 earthquake in Haiti. That's over two and a half years ago!!! 

What are we thinking?  In an era of millionaire ball players and TV programs featuring toddlers in tiaras it just seems wrong. 

The Stardust Motel - No, we didn't stay there, but it was on the street where we stopped to get fuel - I don't even remember the town (although, now, I could probably google it and do street view to find what city).  Every once in a while, I just think about how life used to be so simple, and how staying at The Stardust Motel would have been the Cat's Pajamas -

"Sometimes I wonder why I spend
The lonely nights
Dreaming of a song.
The melody haunts my reverie
And I am once again with you.
When our love was new, and each kiss an inspiration.
But that was long ago, and now my consolation
Is in the stardust of a song.
Beside the garden wall, when stars are bright
You are in my arms
The nightingale tells his fairy tale
Of paradise where roses grew.
Though I dream in vain, in my heart you will remain
My stardust melody
The memory of loves refrain".
From “Stardust” by Hubbel, Golden & Carmichael

 It deeply saddened me to hear that the Washington State Dept. of Wildlife decided to kill the Wedge wolf pack

I imagine if the wolves were killing our sheep, I would feel differently, but it didn't seem to me like they (the  DoW or the rancher) tried very hard to secure those cows, or to retrain the wolves. 

A similar thing is happening down in the rural areas around Seattle.  People are sure that mountain lions are killing their dogs and other pets.  Well, don't let the darn things run loose - keep them inside at night. At lease in this case, since there hasn't been an actual sighting, the DoW is holding judgement - 

A friend once told me that this picture looked like we had this tree loaded up onto the back of the pick-up - ready to take it home.

Let me assure you, that if he could have, he would have...

Next week is the Mrreow's "assigned" birthday - 10-10-10.  As barn cats no one "registered" their date of birth - and when we got them, I was just told that they were "born in October"  - so, I decided that 10-10-10 was a very lucky day, don't you think?  .

Their feral beginnings still show heavily from time to time.   Unlike other kitties I've been owned by, loud sounds (pans clanking in the kitchen, etc.) or unexpected movements from The Shepherd seem to throw them into a tizzy & zip, out the cat door.  But pretty soon they come sheepishly back into the house - with an aire about them of "Do de doot doot do - I didn't see nuthin, did you?"  Funny kitties.

Hope you have a great week!