Sunday, February 23, 2014


Well, we finally got some snow today!

There were about 4 or 5 inches when we left for church at about 10:00 this a.m.  We needed to go a little bit early as we had a special guest from Oklahoma in the pulpit this a.m. and we wanted to make sure we were there . 

These first two pictures are of our church.  It almost looks black and white, then you notice the green band below the siding. 

I love how the snowflakes look like little balls of light falling out of the sky! 

Church went well - our visitor was a wonderful speaker.

We had to stop in Ferndale at the store because we forgot to get potatoes Friday night - How can you make stew without potatoes??

The freeway was fine, but the back roads to our house were a little bit sketchy - sloppy and slippery!  

And this is what greeted us when we got to our drive way... that's about 10 inches of snow in front of that gate. 

So, luckily The Shepherd had brought a shovel with us - he had to dig out the driveway so we could get in to the house! 

After getting more snow this afternoon & evening there is about a foot of snow on our dumpster now. 

Bella was very interested in something that was happening outside the window.  S/he got way up on the window sill, tail twitching -

This is all she could see - I don't know if there was maybe a "burdie" in the tree, of if it was just the falling snow flakes that were getting her attention.

Out the front door -

and "plink" down over the edge of the deck.  That's George who just went over  the edge (tip of his tail, center of the picture)  - We couldn't get Gracie off of the big bed for love nor money. 

The forecast from my little "weather machine"  - although says it will be 48 degrees by Tuesday! 

The Shepherd took this picture out in the pasture when he did chores this evening - the little wires that the snow is perched on are only 1/4 inch in diameter - how's that work? 

We hope you are all in a nice cozy place this evening! 


Friday, February 14, 2014


Happy Valentine's Day Everybody!

This is a favorite picture of a Valentine's flower bowl that The Shepherd gave me a few years ago.  I just love this picture - it just says "Spring is around the corner!"

This pretty necklace was made by one of my spinner pals.

And then there has to be a little Valentine's bling - no, this isn't mine, a talented spinner pal of mine also makes jewelry - isn't this just the bomb? 

And nothing says "Spring is just around the corner" like our Witch Hazel bush - peeking through the landscape to say "Hello!  I'm here to remind you that winter will soon be on it's merry way" 


So, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to all our friends - peoples, kitties, woofies, what ever or where ever you may be.  I hope this brings a little love to your heart. 


Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Oh, yeah - we beat 'em!


Coach Pete Carroll

Over 700,000 people - yup, almost a million people,  turned out in frigid weather today to watch our Seattle Seahawks in a Victory Parade through downtown Seattle.  My boss was lenient as those of us in the office watched the parade streaming live on our computers. 

It was interesting watching the faces of the young men on the team.  I don't think that they had ANY idea how much this championship meant to their fans.  But I think they know now. 

Congratulations Seahawks!  You Rock. 

Can't wait for next year. 

Saturday, February 01, 2014

It's finally (almost) here!

Hello Effurrybody and Effurry Kitty!

It's (almost) here, the Souperbowl!

Of course, Mummy and The Shepherd are rooting for their FAVORITE team, the SEAHAWKS!



 And here is something you'll probably only see once on this bloggy and that is a picture of Mummy with her Seahawks Hair do.  Although it doesn't show up really good - it seems to get a bit of attention from people -

And she is in her new Seahaws shirt, which hopefully, iffn the stars align, tomorrow she can order a new shirt that says "Seahawks, Champions of the World!!"  He, he he...

That's all for this weekend!

Love, your roving reporter, Gracie

Rotel, check  Velveeta, check  Chips, check,     Let the game begin!