Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The New Salt Mine -

This is where I'm spending my days now.  I love it.  
Good people - good co-workers!  


Friday, August 14, 2015

My "Tour de Fleece" projects

Ravelry puts on a "Tour d'Fleece" Spin along during the Tour d'France every year. 

I kind of "haphazardly" join along - this year I went for some of the new roving that I brought home from Black Sheep.  I love spinning such colorful roving - it's just fun. 
 When I got done with the first project, I started in on some Kathy Green Roving.  This color is called Mulberry - I think it is very pretty and the yarn that it made is soft and cushy.

Here is the yarn from the first project - it doesn't look very colorful in this picture - but get a load of the pic. below - 
It is Superwashed Marino - I think that there might be some Tencel blended in - I'll have to look - but it is very pretty, soft and lusterous. 

I love spinning! 

These yarns will be for sale at the Little Bow Market in Alger next week - my friend Donna is going to have them & 12 other skeins that I delivered to her last week at her farm booth.  I hope some of it sells. 


Friday, August 07, 2015

A Visit to StoneHouse Artifacts Gallery

photo copy-write StoneHouse Artifacts
 I went to see our friend Lydia this afternoon.  She and her husband Kurt have a business called StoneHouse Artifacts   (this link takes you to their "Stone & Landscape Gallery)

They go to India and Myanmar and other points east to travel and also collect items to sell in their store.

One thing they find are these granite mortars and granite rice grinders.

photo copy-write StoneHouse Artifacts

These Grain Grinders are made of stone.  These granite mortars are traditional and have been used for centuries in India and Southeast Asian countries.

For some reason,  I really want one of these.

photo copy-write StoneHouse Artifacts

I decided that right now,  my "budget" allowed me to get one of the smaller mortars like you see in the center of this picture.  I haven't decided where I want to put it - probably in the back yard so I can see it when I leave the house. 

OK,  well, so the other reason is that those Grain Grinders are exceedingly HEAVY - and it will probably take two men or John with his hand truck and the trailer to get it home - I know it is too heavy to get in the trunk of the car that's for sure!!!  I can pick up one of the mortar bowls with one hand...

photo copy-write StoneHouse Artifacts
Look at this lovely garden room that Kurt put together with benches and columns - Cool beyond belief.

So make sure you visit their website - and see all the other beautiful things that they have in their store!

And a BIG Thank you to Lydia for letting me use these lovely photographs off her web site, since I so stupidly left my camera at home!