Sunday, February 24, 2013

Looking back Sunday & some Random Thoughts...

No snow for us in the far north corner of the Pacific Northwest in February 2013 - but not so in 2007.  That was the year that The Shepherd hurt his back at work and was bedridden for several weeks.  I took this picture one morning as I went out to feed the flock.  It was beautiful and peaceful out.


And four days later - all gone and the crocus was up and blooming like nothing had ever happened. 


It didn't snow the last week in February 2008 and the Shepherd went to a church meeting in Tacoma,  I stayed home to farm-sit.  This was my "reward" - a beautiful bowl of spring flowers for the back porch. 

 But I had other things to do that weekend here at home - I was just learning how to spin.  Sinda is wondering what this fuzzy stuff is - it is the first bump of roving that I ever spun - Blue faced Leicester

Oddly enough, the yarn that I made from this roving ended up being part of the crocheted shroud I wrapped around her body when we buried her in Feb 2011.   


A heavy late night snowfall on Feb 26, 2009 blanketed everything in several inches of the white stuff - are you beginning to see the common thread here? 

Feb 25, 2010 was shearing day.  Remarkably it didn't snow, but it got real cold right after - of course all the sheep were nekked.

Since we aren't having any lambs this year, he hasn't sheared yet, but the sheep are starting to roo (a genetic thing with Shetland Sheep where their wool comes off naturally - probably from all those hundreds of years of living out on the wild coasts of Scotland.)  I just found out today that the shearer we've been trying to get hold of is not an appropriate shearer for a handspinners flock.  We won't continue to try to reach him.


It was, however,  nice enough in the greenhouse in 2010 that his little bonsai forsythia was blooming


For some reason I can't find any pictures that I might have taken in Feb. 2011 - Sinda, (my 21 year old kitty) died on Feb. 5.  I think that I just didn't see much beauty in the world that month.

The Shepherd took this picture up at one of his customer's job sites though - notice the date - our end of February snow struck again. 


The 2012 snow didn't stay long, but it sure looked fierce coming down. 

While somekitty had found a warm place to sleep.  Jeepers creepers he has grown a lot this year.  He doesn't sleep up here much any more because he "flows over the edge" and it's not really very comfortable.  His new happy warm spot is the heater vent in the bathroom. 

And there is nothing better on a cold snowy weekend (or even one that isn't cold and snowy) than to snuggle down with a good book.  Nora Roberts' publisher is raking in the bucks re-releasing some of her older (and far less "racy") novels.  And even though I've read them before - - can't put them down -

I got Maeve Binchy's last novel "A Week In Winter" last week - I stayed up WAY too late several nights in a week - "just one more chapter" - I will really miss her writing.

February 2013

So this is what it has looked like for much of February 2013 - Grey and soggy.  But at least it didn't SNOW!  Sorry Boston...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The colors of February -

Our beautiful Mt. Baker

The mossy spots in the yard are getting greener and greener with all the rain we've been having.

Don't get  me wrong, I'd rather have rain than the snow that's been happening in the other parts of the country.

The Witch Hazel is covered in spiky yellow flowers.  The Shepherd has a red one in the greenhouse, but I forgot to get a picture of it.  

When I went to the grocery/deli for lunch last week they had little potted primroses at 4 for $5 - so I got one for each one of my lady co-workers - they have all been keeping them watered so they are really pretty and cheery looking

Work has been a little slow for The Shepherd lately, so he has been spending a lot of time sprucing up our yard.  Looks like a park, don't ya think?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Concatulations to our Furriends


for the occasion of their 1000th Post! 

These are some of the 13 fabulous, fun & funny kitties that live at The Katnip Lounge with their Mommy Trish and Daddy Scott in a posh enclosed cat lounge in the wilds of the Mojave Desert outside of Henderson/Las Vegas Nevada. 

 They are having a big PAWTY!

Make sure you stop by to tell them hello!  For every comment you leave (one comment per blog please) Mommy Trish will donate 50 cents to the Nevada SPCA!


And tell 'em that Tina sent ya.  See ya there! 

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Hello Effurybody & effury Kitty! It's Caturday!

Hello Efurrybody!

Mummy finally got it together so I could give you a Caturday report!  Of course, these pictures were taken LAST Caturday - but she had been furry busy at The Salt Mines, as her work there has changed (again).  She keeps getting up and going there every weekday morning, so I guess she must like it.  I wish she'd say home with me. (Mummy here - nice thought little one, but it will be a few years) 

Seeing this picture of "da Boyz", just  reminded Mummy that she was going to tell you all about the sheepy girls spa day last month.  She says she'll try to do it later next week because she doesn't have any church work or guild work to do. 

I heard The Shepherd say that this will be the first year since he's had sheeps that there wouldn't be any lambs here - I guess getting things worked out so "the correct parties" could get together just didn't happen at the right time.  The nice thing is, that there is always next year.  But we will all miss seeing the little things bouncing around in the pastures. 

Look, up in the air - It's a bird, it's a plane -

No, it's Georgie up on the top of the barn again - he gets up there an acts like a vulture - can you see him next to that tree top? 

I heard Mummy say that she is staying home from church tomorrow so she can have tome time to herself.  She also has to get her Christmas presents for her sisters wrapped, as none of them will speak to her until she gets them sent off.  Heck, it's only almost Valentine's Day - what do they want anyhow??? 

We hope all of our friends in the Northeast part of the country are safe inside from storm Nemo and that the rest of you have a great week. 

Love, Your roving reporter, Gracie

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Cutting it close, again -

 This is the second glove in a pair of fingerless gloves that I made for my friend Felicity -

See that tail?  That is all there was left of the handspun grey yarn. And since I had no more roving left, that's all there was ever going to be. 

I had suspected that I would run short, which is why I put the turquoise and black stripes - but I didn't think I would come THIS close!  The good news was that they fit, and she liked them.  Yay -