Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Musings

Last month The Shepherd & I went to a special concert given by our friend Lydia McCauley and her current music partner Nancy Rumbel. It was an open air concert at a charming little Italian restaurant out on the Mt. Baker Highway. Truth be told, I didn't really enjoy the food all that much - but the music was fantastic, the evening was lovely and the bread was good -

It was kind of an anniversary celebration for us, as on our anniversary in April The Shepherd was sick in bed. All in all, it was a fun evening.

This little lady has fleece as white as snow - just like "Mary's little lamb" - her name is (Little) Eva - and she's going to be a contender for the BEST fleece next summer at Black Sheep. Her fleece is very much like her Uncle Galloway's fleece - a fine crimpy fleece - BSG, here we come!

I led the service yesterday at church. It was our end of the summer service (we only have two services during the summer) - and everyone who was there contributed - it was fun to hear how Laura, a 70 plus year old great grandma went on a zip line ride in Costa Rica - I mean really - you couldn't get ME to do that - You absolutely rock, Laura! - and another friend, whose daughter & granddaughter visited from England, fell in love with that little girl all over again. Oh, you grandparents - sheesh...

Well, speaking of children - aren't these two just so sweet - George has now decided if Gracie gets to sleep with Mummy at night, George gets to sleep with Mummy at night too - sometimes I wake up and cannot move my legs - It takes me a minute to figure out that I'm not paralyzed, I just have a 10# weight on each side holding me down.

They are pretty good about coming in at night - sometimes teasing me - one will come in and the other one disappears and no amount of calling will get him or her in until they are good and ready.

Here are some more of this year's lambs, with Vanessa from last year in the back.

Wendy, they black one in the front has changed colors again - according to The Shepherd, she has three colors in her fleece now - I'll have to go out with him one of these afternoons - I'm sure she wouldn't let me touch her by myself.

Her half brother Blanco went to the big BBQ in the sky last week. I just try to think about it that we gave him a very good life for the first 5 months of his life, and hope that the fellows that bought him will humanely end his life.

My friend Diane (who happens to work in the tech services department of our local Voc-Tech college) came over to visit on Saturday, and helped me put my new W I D E screen FLAT monitor together with my new/refurb computer. I had to get the new monitor because the new-to-me computer was not a tower style, and would not have worked with the old Gateway monitor that I had, which was AS BIG AS A HOUSE! It always seems like every time you upgrade one thing, another has to go...

I am grateful l that she was here, I'd never have been able to figure it out myself. Thank you Diane - I owe you a lunch! (at least...)

Well, that about catches you up on all the "noos" that Gracie hasn't imparted - I'm busily spinning and crocheting and now on top of the things that I'm making for the Artisan's Faire I have special orders for six pairs of fingerless gloves. Yikes!

Oh, and five more posts and I'll have 700 posts! Double Yikes!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's Caturday!

Hellow everybody! George here with the Caturday Farm Report.

I have been doing a lot of snoopervision of The Shepherd. Every day he loads everything into a big white thing with wheels (that's his work trailer, sweetie) and drives away and doesn't come back until it's almost time for Mummy to come home and feed us dinner.

I heard him tell Mummy that he has been very busy working on some pretty new yards for people. Maybe he'll say it's OK for us to show you some of them next week.

Here is that silly Gracie taking a dust bath. I give her a bath every morning before we have breakfast - I don't know why she has to go out and roll in the dirt. (Mummy here - boy, I don't know why either - they both run outside every day and flop down in the sand - I think their flea medicine might have worn off - they aren't doing it as much since I put new stuff on them last week...)

We gave Mummy a scare last Wednesday - the V.E.T. lady had been here on Tuesday evening - she gave us a "FLV vaccine" - and Mummy said it didn't agree with our systems (or something like that) because we were both under the weather all day. Mummy's eyes were leaking because she thought that we were really sick. Our tails were draggin' - but as the day went by, we got to feeling better and by Thursday morning, our tails were waggin' again.

That's about all I have to say. Mummy has been spending a lot of time on the 'puter and sitting behind that yarn making thingy and not enough time playing with us. She keeps saying "soon, kitties, soon" -- Then she goes off to play music with another lady, and leaves us and The Shepherd to our own devices...When's soon, mummy?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In Memory-

Our dear friend Miss Peach went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday.
My heart is breaking for her Mama and The Lapdaddy.
She was a quirky old girl and had so many escapades that always made me smile.
Rest in Peace, Peachy.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The 'Citing Noos -

Hooray for The Shepherd (and Galloway too!) They took Best of Class at the NW Washington Fair in Lynden this week.

Our friend (and the Mrreow's V.E.T.) AnneMarie, who was demoing spinning that afternoon took this nice picture of the proud papa.

And I can toot my own horn too - I got a blue ribbon on my blue yarn (the "center" one here) - Now, when I launch my Ewenique 4 You Designs at the Artisan Faire next month, I can add the by-line "Blue Ribbon Yarns" Hooray for me too!

Tomorrow we will go down to Monroe to pick up our processed fleece from our friend Gretchen. I am anxious to see what she has come up with for us.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Caturday

The Shepherd's corn and pumpkin patch -

Man, let me tell you, that corn is REALLY good!

Gracie here - testing my stalking skills - oh, and that s'prize I promised you? Think Red & White rosette and pretty blue ribbons...

Here are some more pretty flowers from The Shepherd's garden - not as pretty as me, tho. Ha, Ha...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thursday Noos

Hello everybodies -

Gracie your Roving Reporter here to say "Happy Almost the Weekend when Mummy will be home all day on Saturday to play with us day".

Anne Marie, the V.E.T. came out on Toesday to stick us with more needles. She forgot part of her stuff though, so she has to come back again. Mummy tricked us and closed the door on the family room when we came in to have dinner so we would be inside when the V.E.T. came. I don't think that was very nice, do you?

I have some more 'citing noos, but I can't tell you yet - maybe this weekend...

Meanwhile, please enjoy one of The Shepherd's pretty flowers while you wait.

Your roving reporter,


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Yarn & such

Here is some of the yarn that I am spinning for the Artisan Fair in September

And here is George, the floor supervisor...

My Fngerless Mitts haven't garnered much interest on, but I got a real "commission" to make a pair for the lady at the laundromat's granddaughter. Woo hoo! My first real commission.

Meanwhile, my floor supervisor saw something very interesting in one of the potted plants on the deck -

What do you see there George?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Farm Report

Hi - my name is Vern and I'm feeling a little cranky because The Shepherd and The Food Lady have me all tied up so I can't bash on my brother.

It always makes me nervous when they put me on this leash and tie me up - it either means I'm going to get stuck full of holes by the V.E.T. or shaved naked by somebody with loud clippers.

We know what you mean Vern - the minute that barn door bangs shut, we know we're in for something -

Well, this time it was Dr. Amber - to "stick them full of holes" - and do a "well sheep" visit. Here she's checking out Little Eva's "tum-tum" - hmm - maybe you need to lose a few pounds there Eva...

The V.E.T. came out the same day that I picked up the Mrreows, but I haven't had time to show you the pictures yet.

Don't worry girls - it will all be over soon and you'll get to go back out to the pasture.

Plus we get to look at everyone's fleece - this is Wendy. It is a soft and lustrous fleece.

Don't they just have the cutest little ears?

The Shepherd likes to have Dr. Amber come out and see the sheep when they are not in a "sick or stressful situation" so she knows how they are "supposed" to look.

OK everyone- Dr. Amber has given you a clean bill of health - you are free to go.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Here, let me get that for you...

Monday, August 08, 2011

What I did this weekend - -

I'm back!

Still some bugs to work out and now I have to monkey around installing the new monitor that I bought yesterday. And for some reason, my computer keeps telling me I need to talk to my administrator about downloading any programs (like the Olympus photo organizer software for my camera) - What's with that!?!

So, instead of fiddling with my computer, I spent a lot of time behind my wheel. This is some wool & mohair roving I got at Black Sheep this year.

Would you like to buy this yarn? It will be for sale at the Artisan Faire at the Rome Grange in September.

I feel so honored to have been included. There are some very talented artists who will be there.

This is some of the Roving of the Month Club roving that I just got. I figure the Artisan Faire is my best chance of getting rid of this - it is not a color way that I would have ever chosen - for myself or to give as a gift!

This yarn will be for sale, unless I make it up into some fingerless gloves and a scarf for a teenager - what do you think?

Sunday, August 07, 2011

looking back Sunday

This is The Shepherd showing off some of his beautiful lilies from August 2007. We didn't have anything near this big this year - in fact many that were normally 4 or 5 feet tall didn't even reach 3 feet this year - We're not sure if it was the weather, or if he needs to divide them.

They are very fragrant though.

I really need to go do some stuff for my "day job" - I've been putting it off all day, and my sparkling coach turns into a pumpkin in 45 minutes. I guess I'd better get busy!

But, I hope that you had a great weekend. If you come back tomorrow, you'll see what I was up to.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Well, heck

Hey peoples, Mummy said we haven't been on the interwebs lately because her computer was on the frank (no, sweetie, thats "on the fritz")

Anyhow, she ended up buying a "new-to-her" one. She said that fixing the old one would be like "pouring money down a rat hole"

Maybe she should get Georgie to check out that rat hole ...
- he's pretty good at catching things (Yes, like that baby mouse he brought in Sunday night and let go under the couch?)

Anyhows, we'll be back soon!

Your roving reporter, Gracie