Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Making a fashion statement

Here is Moni, returned from her stay at the hospital. She was very glad to be home, with familiar tasting hay and her girlfriends all peering over the sides of the pen she was in.

She has continued to improve. (I understand that she was "pronging" around the pasture this afternoon) I never did clearly understand what the problem was- I know there was a lot of afterbirth that had to be removed (ick) after the death of the twins. The staff and Dr.s at Kulshan Vet in Lynden are just the best. They even sent The Shepherd a very caring sympathy note after he'd had Buddy put down and the loss of the twins on the same day.

Actually the coats and shirts all came off last Friday - the weather man was calling for rain, and since these garments were all of man made fabrics, we didn't want the sheepies to get wet and then chilled - making things worse. So Friday evening when I got home from work, The Shepherd was just finishing his "sheep laundry" and standing there laughing - it seems that he had missed this lable in the coat that H.B. was wearing - MacBaaaa - The perfect manufacturer for the clothing of the well dressed ram, now, don't you think?


MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Oh dearest Moni....I am so sorry that you lost your babies. What a heartbreak for a mommy looking forward to Easter with her lambs by her side. My little heart breaks for you and that you got so sick. Life is not fair at times...I wish I could give your mommy and the Shepherd a soft head butt and some purrrrs.
Hey you do look sharp in your nice green shirt. Purrrrfect for the day I would say. At least you did not have to dye your furs green like someone did!
Love Miss Peach

Nancy K. said...

I'm so glad that Moni is home and on the mend!

Sharrie said...

The first thing I thought of was "oh a Mac (computer) sheep". We all have our own perspective on things. Glad to see Moni up and about.

Donna said...

I am glad Moni is doing better and on the road to recovery. She is looking sporting in her outfit. Hopefully this is the end to the tragedy at your place.

Speaking of which, congratulations on your contribution to Leigh's beautiful Shetland cardigan!

Sharon said...

Good on Moni, bless her heart. I am so glad you said "pronging" because that's what I have said for years. It took a recent crossword puzzle and the Wikipedia to set me straight. Tina, we need to start saying "pronk." They are pronking - it's the truth.

Kathy said...

I'm so glad to hear that Moni is well and that the Shepherd has great taste in sheep-clothing! :)

And it was great to hear your voice this morning! ;-)