Monday, March 09, 2009

Looking back Sunday

Looking back to March 8, 2006 - the dafs were up and blooming - they are a few weeks away this year - it snowed around the county today - big fat fluffy flakes - that were gone in an hour - but the temp is 32 degrees out right now and it's supposed to get colder tomorrow.

Sheep update: The Shepherd took Moni into the vet today (cha-ching) - apparently she had developed some kind of magnesium/calcium toxicity - they almost lost her and the vets said that if the lambs had lived and started nursing, the toll on her system would have been so great and we probably would have lost her then.


The Shepherd is concerned about bringing her home in the Arctic cold weather that has gripped our area. Hopefully he can devise some sort of coat situation for her.

Hopefully the weather doesn't get too bad tomorrow - I'm signed up for a crocheted hat class at my LYS tomorrow night. It sounds like it will be fun.


Donna said...

So it sounds like she will make it! That is great news! Now we all just need to try to stay warm. This makes me concerned about shearing.

Sharon said...

Hoh boy, you've had a time of it, haven't you. Hope the crochet class delivers.

Tina T-P said...

Well, unfortunately the crochet class had to be postponed until next week. Hopefully the weather will calm down by then.