Tuesday, March 03, 2009


The moon..................................Venus


So "fascinatin' ", I almost drove off the road because I was transfixed.


The "technical/astronomical " term when the moon and a planet are together like this is called a conjunction. Read more about it here

Totally Fascinatin' that I was able to take this picture with MY 5 year old Fuji Digital camera - (it rocks!)

If'n it wasn't so dang cold out, I'd pull up a chair on the back porch and just cogitate on the whole situation.


We've been able to see pairing of the moon and Venus a bunch recently because the sky has been clear at nights. It's like being given a gift each time I see it.

Fascinatin', just fascinatin'


Sharrie said...

I noticed Venus last night and commented on how bright it was. No moon or stars tonight, I know, I was just out to check the cows.

Tammy said...

The sky was incrediable last night. I had to go look up what bright 'star' that was (Venus). And then there was this large white trail across the sky--not sure if that was some kind of jet trail magnified or what, but it was all beautiful. I'm like you--if it weren't so cold, I'd stand out there and just star gaze. Good job on the picture.

Sharon said...

I agree - Venus is crazy huge right how. Fascinating!

Leigh said...

What a great shot! I don't think a technical astronomical type person could have done any better.

Kathy said...

We noticed that moon the night before we left for Down Under...wasn't it great? The granddaughter is a cutie. :) We're smitten. All that said, I will be glad to get home,too. Windy and wet here today - gale force winds so we're staying inside.

Many hugs from Down Under! Miss ewe both!