Thursday, March 05, 2009

Hair today, gone today

Sinda has heard that the vishus sheeps were getting their furs clipped today - she has come out to snoopervise.

Life as you know it is about to end H.B. - you will suddenly be a scrawney looking rascal.

Whoa, I was right!

Our friend Margot came with her son William and daughter Emily, who is our goddaughter.

Marsha Adams has been shearing our sheep for many years. This was her last shearing for us. She is retiring. We are sorry to have this happen. She has become a good friend.

Margot is trying out her new video camera while the kids looked on.

It was really sweet, when Marsha was shearing Moni, who is very pregnant, she stopped and asked the kids if they would like to feel Moni's belly. She thought the baby/babies had been kicking at the sound of her shears - but they apparently had stopped - just soft and warm tummy to be felt.

While The Shepherd was otherwise distracted, our friend Diane, who had also come to watch, snuck into the feed bin and offered H.B. a little handful of sheep kibble. He gladly accepted - she now has a friend for life.

Marsha is showing off Violet's fleece. It is really beautiful and incredibly soft.

Eight fleeces - two of them are pre-sold. Pearl & Luna were just 6 month fleeces, so they were very small and will be combined with the rest of the white alpaca that we blended their fleeces with last fall. Taylor's fleece will be featured at the Spindrifter's Sheep to Shawl at the Skagit Highland Games in July and Moni's fleece was sold last fall at our spin-in.

Danny's fleece will be blended with an fawn colored alpaca cria fleece that he bought last fall from our vendor neighbor - they are very close in color and it should make for nice spinning.

Hope you enjoyed your little slice of a "day on the farm"


Nancy K. said...

Eight sheep to shear is a VERY nice number! I know that by the time we've done that many, I want to be DONE!

How sad that you're losing your shearer! I hope you find a wonderful replacement that you feel just as comfortable with.

Too early to shear here in the Bluff Country but I am going to go out and trim hooves and remove burrs from fleece...

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tammy said...

Way too calm and peaceful looking! ;-) There are 22 to be sheared here, and it's usually pretty exhausting for all involved. I feel for you on losing your shearer. It's so hard to find a shearer anymore, let alone one that you have bonded with and trust with your sheep.

Kathy said...

I am so glad things seemed to go smoothly. I love the picture of HB after the fact. :)
As soon as I get home, I'll have to find our shearer and get going too.
Hugs from Down Under....

Sharon said...

Sorry you'll be losing your shearer. We've learned that good ones are hard to come by.