Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hrumph -

Well, I spent two hours tonight putting together a post all about the some of the music that we've seen in the past month. For who knows whatever reason, I decided to do it on a Word document instead of on Blogger. And, for whatever reason, I didn't think to "name" the document until I was all done - I NEVER do that - it's one of my hard and fast "rules" but, while I was (finally) saving it, "Word" crashed and dumped the whole thing - I looked and looked, with no named document, there was simply nothing to recover except one paragraph in the clipboard - big whooopee. Rats - (actually I said a few choice other words that won't be repeated here in case I have innocent readers...)

So, in lieu of that post, here is Luna, big as a house (The Shepherd had been threatening to get a skateboard to put under her belly - poor short legged little thing) He says that if you watch closely you can see little lamby elbows trying to poke their way out. She doesn't look very pleased, does she. Come on, girl - have those babies so we can get back to life in general.


Kathy said...

It must be something about today...part of our roofs on both the house and the barn have blown off, with many more loose shingles that may follow, and the back deck off the kitchen totally fell off the house.

I do hope and pray that Luna has a very normal birth with healthy babies. How many others are expecting?

Kathy said...

Oh...our electricity kept going off today as every time I tried to blog the power went out. Curses! Foiled again!

ms. kitty said...

We missed you last night at the dedication but Nan and I talked about poor lumpy-belly Luna and the lamby elbows. It went well---lots of visiting friends, clergy and otherwise. Happy Lambing!