Monday, March 09, 2009

Baby, it's COLD outside!

New York, you can keep your "haute couture" - here on the farm, we have "oat couture"

The temps are supposed to hit lows in the teens tonight with an Arctic blast moving down from Canada. The Shepherd went shopping at Value Village this afternoon - Since it is not supposed to rain, he went with heavy fleeces (ironic...) H.B.'s new coat fits him like a glove.

We think that he thinks he's got casts on his front legs because he walks all stiff legged, but he seems to appreciate the warmth of his new duds as he snoozes in the late afternoon sun.

Like any teenaged boy, Taylor wasn't too sure about his new sweater, but he seems to have gotten used to it pretty quickly.

It was snowing a blizzard this a.m. when it was time for me to leave for work. Since snow equals no work for The Shepherd/Landscaper, he played Chauffeur and took me to work. I was glad for the ride - cars were slipping and sliding all over the place!

Hey Danny - you look pretty good in red.

Pearl and Luna got Ladies size M - The Shepherd said he thought the M should stand for Maternity - they are pretty snug around those bumpy bellies.

The girls are locked in the barn with the heat lamp on tonight - he said they looked pretty comfortable when he went out before bed.

Even in the few minutes that I've been writing the temperature has dropped a few degrees and the wind is picking up. I'm really glad that he decided to do this.

The shepherd resisted the little pink hoodie that said "Princess" on the front for Miss Violet.

The funniest part about his shopping trip was explaining to the ever helpful sales clerk that he wasn't buying clothes for his daughters but for his sheepie girls. I'd love to have heard the coversations that brought up this afternoon.

I think Jewell looks kind of like Jennifer Beals in Flashdance, don't you?

Moni update:
Moni is still in the hospital. (cha-ching) They were going to "turn off" her IV's over night in hopes that her body will start normal functions again, if that makes any sense. It sounded like her rumen system had shut down too, so they have given her something to get that back up and running.

The shepherd drove there this a.m. in the blizzard to take her some of our hay, as she wasn't eating. Everyone agreed that leaving her there overnight was safest considering the weather. We're keeping our fingers crossed.

Well, it is a neighborhood legend that when we have lambs in the front pasture, it stops traffic. I'm sure that these two running around in their new sweaters will give everyone a good chuckle on their way to work in the morning.


Nancy K. said...

I hope Moni recovers quickly!

The gang looks SO cute in their sweaters! I love the bright colors. I'm sure it will stop traffic! How do you keep the sweaters from riding up to the front legs?

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

It blizzarded here off and on yesterday but didn't stick. Still, I'm glad I haven't sheared yet!

Jennifer said...

I love HB's and Taylors sweaters! So cute!

Leigh said...

Oh Tina, you've made my day! Wonderful idea and wonderful pix.

Kathy said...


I just HAD to let the family look over my shoulders at the photos of the Sheep a la Sweaters.

What a great idea, too. And our prayers are with Moni.

Sharon said...

Serious situation - ironic though isn't it? We take their coats and then have to give them others. Those pictures are hysterical - good thinking on your part.

Kara said...

I hope Moni is feeling better. I have a sick pony at the moment and multiple vet calls, my next step is to take him to the clinic if he doesn't make some improvement.

The sheep look great in their sweaters! I needed a good chuckle!

Sharrie said...

We don't have such colorful sheep in WI. You are lucky. It must be a good way to cheer up in this weather.

Hope Moni is much better soon.

Anonymous said...