Saturday, December 29, 2007

Wishing for Peace for the New Year -

These charming little white pigeons live on the other side of the barn with the aforementioned CVM's - the previous owner had a business where she rented them to release at weddings, events, etc. - about two dozen of them didn't want to or weren't able to relocate to her new home, so Yvonne and her hubby have a flock of white pigeons - they were very carfree looking flying about.

Tomorrow The Shepherd and I'll spend the day with two of my sisters and a Bro-in-law - Snoqualamie Pass is expecting 1-2 feet of snow and the roads will be too bad for the other sister to make it - I wish this holiday fell in July - it would make planning around the weather much easier.

New Year's Day will bring brunch at our friend Nancy's farm. Good food and good music - I think I'll remember to take my camera and tell you all about it.

Did you notice the new picture on my profile? I also have a link to my email address there if you are interested. My next project is to add links to some more of my favorite places to share them with you all!

I hope you (and yours - whatever or whomever that is) have Happy New Year!


Leigh said...

Wow, you sure do travel a lot! Just stay safe!

Kathy said...

I hope you and The Shepherd will have a wonderful New Year!

(We went out for dinner, but came home early as the cold and wind and our "bug" wore both of us down today - plus Ole got his both back legs stuck in between a building and a railroad tie frozen into the ground. I finally got him out and he's fine, but a bit "sheepish" now)

Sky said...

Happy happy new year, Tina!

Yolanda said...

I hope you have a wonderful new Year too.

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