Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Additional flood victims have no voice...

The most recent figures tally the losses from the flooding at $165 million to date. Among the victims of the recent flooding in Lewis county are the household pets of those displaced by the floods. Many were simply washed away in the torents of water that went through the area, but the (Lewis County) Chronicle reported last week:

"A statement from the Friends of the Lewis County Animal Shelter this morning said donations and supplies are needed for displaced animals, which are filling up the county's shelter on Centralia-Alpha Road. The statement says:

The Lewis County Animal Shelter is full and supplies are running low. Many displaced animals have no other place to go until their owners can reclaim them. Dog and cat food, cat litter, bleach, cleaning supplies and monetary donations are needed. We are coordinating with Red Cross and United Way to get pet food to pet owners who need it.

Supplies may be dropped off at the Lewis County Animal Shelter at 560 Centralia-Alpha Road in Chehalis (360-740-1290) or at Kaija's at 623 NW State Ave. in Chehalis (360)748-4221.

Monetary donations may be made at any Security State Bank, online at www.folcas.org or mailed to FOLCAS at PO Box 1421, Chehalis, WA 98532.Friends of the Lewis County Animal Shelter (folcas) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization and donations are tax deductible."

Most animal shelters are on a pretty skinny budget to begin with, however the impact that a disaster such as this is huge and uses resources that were previously planned for other uses. If you've been thinking of donating and haven't yet, this is a worthy recipient. Thanks.


Franna said...

Thank you, Tina for publicizing the plight of the Lewis County Animal Shelter. Didn't you say that they're all volunteer, all donation run? Our local Labrador club has sent donations. Every bit helps, even small donations add up.
- Franna and the Dogs and Cats of EverRanch

Kathy said...

When things like these floods happen, I know in my heart there are sweet pets who don't make it or are lost - I am glad to hear that some of them may actually find their way back to their families. Thanks for posting this, Tina...it reminds me of other places that might need help. Oh, how I wish I were a millionaire!