Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Sheeply kind of day

The Shepherd had everyone locked up in the barn this a.m. so it would be easier to catch Susie. She went to a new home today. We found her a great new mom (Ellen) who is very excited to have a Shetland sheep. Susie had birthing problems on her two pregnancies, and we almost lost her last spring - so he decided to find a good home for her where there would be no chance she would get bred. Susie has two new sisters - a Jacob and a CVM - Ellen is in the Spinner Guild that I go to and showed me how to ply last week when I was at the meeting. I love going, because people are always so willing to help you.

That's Jewell in the foreground, and Moni right behind. They are the two ewe lambs that we got from Donna and Tom last summer. He also took the opportunity and did pedicures and took fleece samples - they had been wormed a month or so ago when he moved pastures.

This is the fleece from back on Jewel's hindquarters - I think this fleece has MY name on it.

Jewell has the markings called katmoget. She is greyish fawn on the top and black on the underbelly. We are hoping that she will give us a couple of kat lambs in the spring of 2009 - they are very cute!

John really likes his new toenail clippers - he got them at his favorite local plant nursery. You can never tell where you're going to find a good pair of clippers.

Back to the original matter at hand here - Susie, loaded into the trailer thought she was being kidnapped and tried to climb out - never had one try to do that before - silly girl.

Here's a picture of her new home. Ellen was very sweet and fixed us lunch - and even gave us a jar of her wonderful homemade sweet pickles - how's that for a trade! AND it turns out that her husband plays bluegrass music with our neighbor. It is a very small world!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch - Scooter didn't know it, but this was his last afternoon with the girls. On our way back from delivering Susie we stopped in Alger at Tom & Donna's to pick up Gwendolyn, who had been "visiting" their ram. (We're hoping for some spotted babies in the spring. ) He wanted to put Regina & Anna D back with the little girls at the same time that he brought Gwennie home - might as well have all the confusion happen at one time. It seems to have worked out the way he wanted - they are all snugged down out in the pasture, together - the way he'd hoped.

Actually Scooter will probably be happy to have his quarters back to just him and Arlo - more food for himself that way.

Isn't he a cutie?

So here are the fleece samples we took today to be sent off to a couple of friends and for micron sampling too, I think. All I know is Pearl and Jewell's fleeces - they're mine - and I deserve them after picking all the hay and stickers out of that Grey wool I'm working on right now.

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Kathy said...

What a nice post, Tina! Those fleeces look great! Very nice crimp on that close up.

I should be doing micron testing as well...I thought about it, but just couldn't do it this year. (sigh)

I emailed Franna that I'm going to look through my stuff tomorrow to see if I have something to donate IF all your mebers wouldn't mind an "outsider" donating something...

Kathy said...

Oh...I meant to mention that I'm OK at the barn...I go out the basement door, so have flatter ground to deal with. I'm just trying to be careful on all the ice out in the corral by the barn. Everything melts in the day and refreezes at night. Oi!

Leigh said...

Have you had problems getting the online auction link to open? I have and a couple of others have mentioned this too. I'm wondering if they're having server problems.

Jewell's fleece looks absolutely scrumptious! You bet it's got your name on it!

Yvonne said...

Hi Tina - I know Ellen will be a wonderful Mom to your girl. I'm so glad you connected. We've got our hands full with one new lamb born two days ago, and more on the way. Your gray fleece looks wonderful. . . I'd be keeping that one, too. ;-)

Sharon said...

It must be wonderful to have actual grass in your pasture. I don't think you've ever said how many sheep you have.