Saturday, December 08, 2007

Flood update -

A friend sent me these three pictures from the recent floods in Lewis county (These pictures were taken in Chehalis - Centralia Washington area) - Interstate 5 was closed down for several days. (it has since re-opened)

They showed one area on TV where the jersey barriers between the lanes had been strewed about like some child's toys. Those things weigh 4000 pounds a piece!

I think this is the airport - the Walmart looked like this as well. My sister said that they had just opened a new Walgreens Pharmacy - it had 6" of water throughout. Pretty amazing.

I emailed Gretchen Wilson of Gretchen's Woll Mill last night about how to get aid to the people at the Black Sheep Creamery. Her response is as follows:

"Thanks Tina -I have fielded about 100 emails a day and 30 calls a day since I sent that email to close friends and dairy sheep folks. It continues to go people I have never heard of, and of course is old news now.
I wrote it Tuesday. Since then I have sent out updates but those don't seem to be making the rounds! I have not had time to see Meg's musings but I know they did get the computer up finally and she got to the website. Good thing.
Please stay tuned there for updates- and please pass this one on to your group.
MANY thanks to the folks housing their ewes!

I have not spoken with Brad for a couple days but know they are getting lots of help. A Heifer International Volunteer group went from Seattle today. MANY replacment sheep have been offered from around the country. Beechers was sending truck and crew to resuce the cheeses. Keep praying for Meg and Brad and kids, as the adrenalin will wear off by first of the week and exhaustion will set in.
Money is a good thing. the best at this point I think.
We are setting up an Assistance Fund with website and paypal options. There will hopefully be a link from their website. But I will also send you the info when we get it up on Tuesday.
If folks want to send a check sooner they can mail it to me:
Gretchen Wilson
28014 120th ST SE
Monroe WA 98272. Make the check to Black Sheep Creamery and I will get them all to Brad.
The mail is still pretty messed up down there.
Thanks so much!! God Bless- Gretchen"

I did find out that their surving sheep are currently being cared for by Kim & Doug at Mt. Niche Farms in Chehalis - Kim said that they were doing well and the three injured ones were improving.

More information can be found on (the local newspaper on line)

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Kathy said...

Thanks for the information, Tina. It will be interesting to see what, f anything at all, their insurance will help them with. I think we'll all just have to wait and see how they progress and help out as best we can. I know cow dairies were also hit hard.