Thursday, December 13, 2007

An Update and An Online Auction

Here is the latest update I received from Gretchen Wilson about the Black Sheep Creamery Flood situation. Then, please go to the end of her message to read about the On-Line auction that is being sponsored by the Northwest Shetland Sheep Owners!

"Great Thanks to ALL of you for the overwhelming support you have shown the Gregory family during this ongoing time of crisis.

One of my favorite verses is "Let us not grow weary of doing good". I confess that I have been a little weary of phone calls and emails lately--but as I talked with Brad on the phone today, I heard what true weariness sounds like. The volunteers are dwindling, the mess is still overwhelming. The decisions never stop coming.

For those who want to help, they still need LOTS of it. The rental house they own still has wet insulation needing pulling, there is still much to be done in that house as soon as possible before the mold overwhelms it.. Lots of sheds, fences, buildings are yet to clear as well.

Meg is doing a great daily update on their wesbite's "musings" page. I encourage you to read it.

If you can go there and help they are happy to have you.
Take I-5 south to Chehalis. At the 2nd Chehalis exit take hiway 6 west. Follow it for about 8 miles to Adna. At Adna, turn right onto Bunker Creek Rd. Follow this for about 2 miles to their farm on the left. Big hiproof barn and tall old white farm house. 345 Bunker Cr Rd.

If you want to ask Brad of specific things to bring you can call him on his cell at 360-520-3397. Otherwise bring your lunch, change of clothes, muck boots, work gloves, surgical gloves as liners, warm clothes you can get filthy,basic tools, shovel. Try to keep your calls at night. Email and calls are welcome but realize Meg and Brad don't have a lot of time for communicating right now.

If you go, maybe bringing a soup pot for lots of people would be a nice way to help.

For those who wish to donate money to the Gregories:
We have spent much time trying to set up an assitance fund and it seems the simplest way to get money to them is to just send it to them!!
The website and paypal options all cost money, the banks have lots of legal rules about assistance funds.
SO-- please do help them financially if you wish to.

Below is a partial list of costs of things they will need in the next year as they rebuild.
Shipping for donated ewes: $500.00
Milk: $2000.00 per pallet; $1.00 per pound
Hay:$12.00 per bale
Grain:$10.00 bag
Ewes:$300.00 each
This is just a beginning of things to replace. There will be much, much more. Plus living expenses.

To Send a check to the Gregories:
Make checks out to Brad or Meg Gregory
Mail to:
Black Sheep Creamery
PO 293
Adna, WA 98522-0293

For those who wish to give a gift certificate at a feed store:
There is a feed store in Chehalis called "The Farm Store" and also a "Del's".

Thanks especially to the MANY of you who have offered stock. Brad is taking one offer of some ewes soon, since the donor needed to send them soon.
BUT--for the most part they really don't know how fast things will come together at the farm. The fields all have up to a foot of silt; and no one knows when the grass will be useable. It seems they will have room for most of the donated stock in the summer. So for most of you who have offered spring ewe lambs that should work out well. Brad will be in touch with you this winter. God Bless you all and Merry Christmas!!
Gretchen Wilson"

Our Northwest Shetland Sheep Owners Association has put together an On-Line Auction to benefit the Gregories. Many thanks to Franna from EverRanch in Auburn, WA for all her hard work in putting this together!

The web site for the auction is here:

Black Sheep Creamery Benefit Auction

Check it out - you never know what you might find, and it's for a great cause.


Leigh said...

I love that verse too! What a wonderful community to reach out to help like this. I pray that the proceeds will more than meet their needs. (Our God is able, after all.)

Kathy said...

Thanks so much, Tina! I am sending them a check directly, but may also bid on something in the auction. Bless you all for doing what you are doing! It just illustrates what a great group of shepherds/fiber people you've got in your area!

Lavendersheep said...

Yeah, I have been reading about it on your blog. It is really a tragedy. We were pretty lucky that it didn't hit that hard out here. Mostly snow, snow, and more snow. We have snow again here this morning. I did briefly look over the auction site. I've been really busy lately and for some reason the site is not loading up for me this morning. Maybe they are getting too many hits for their server =). We can only hope!

Congratulations on the handspun yarn! I love spinning! I am actually going to start handpainting roving for my shop sometime in the new year. I have all of the white stuff on hand I just need to get it all painted up. I have a superwash and an extrafine merino. I am sure that lots to spin with all of those adorable Shetland Sheep.

shepherdgirl said...

I just spent time reading their blog and was riveted to every word - I can only imagine, or can I, the horror they went through, and having to leave the farm must have been so horrible. I will be passing an email along to my shepherd friends, and wool friends to alert them - there are many in need, but this is a good place to start.

Farmgirl Susan said...

Hi Tina,
Thanks for letting me know about this. I have their website opening now, but I can't get any of your auction links to work, though. : )