Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Too much hot-

I Need Orange reminded me of some pictures that I wanted to put on my blog this week. Just to remind us that it's not always 80 degrees out- sometimes it's a little cooler -

I love this picture - the color has not been changed to black & white - that's just what it looked like that day in March - It was before The Shepherd had his surgery & he was very nervous about me wandering around out in the snow (I tend to slip and slide a lot) but I had his big barn boots on - they were like wearing snow shoes - good grip!
It was quiet and calm that morning - I enjoyed my walk.

This is our Camperdown Elm - If I was a little kid, I'd make the inside a fort to hide in during the summer - it would make a cool green secret place as the big heart shaped leaves go all the way to the ground.

We now return to our regularly scheduled toasty day - hope these brief reminders of winter help to cool you down.

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Tuesday it was HOT here, but very dry with a breeze. In the shade it was actually comfortable -- if you weren't exerting yourself. Wednesday was MUGGY, although not quite as hot because it was overcast all day. Then yesterday afternoon the coast breeze started; oh, it felt heavenly! Today feels like a normal Willamette Valley summer day....

How is John doing? Tell him to stay well and sound, or I'll NEVER get to meet you guys at any of the shows!