Monday, July 02, 2007

A "Taste" of Things to Come

I went to the post office at noon today to pick up this package - luckily it was taped together in some places, because it had reached the end of it's journey, to be sure -

Our friend Kathy didn't have enough to do before her surgery so Skittles sent her on a little shopping spree!
Seems he overheard us talking about the fact that John and I are planning to pay Kathy & Ralph a little visit in the fall, so he wanted to make sure we had the right info for our visit.

The box was full of all these cool brochures about the Flagstaff area and the Grand Canyon.

But the box was REALLY heavy - "what is she sending me, I thought, a box of rocks?" No, it was a box of HATCH Chilis & Enchilada sauce (all very carefully sealed in plastic bags in case one of them should leak)

Everyone who has lived in the southwest, or if you are a Food Network fan knows about the Hatch Chili Festival in New Mexico. (See those two itty bitty cans on the right? - those are Jalapenos - hmmm - they might have to be a gift for Johns comrades at work)
But I am anxious to try the green and the fire roasted tomato enchilada sauces, and this gigantic can of green chilis has a very appealing recipe on the back label, or maybe some chilli rellenos -I shall start looking through my cookbooks!

Thank you Kathy! Hope your convalescence from your surgery is very speedy! And keep an eye out for that UPS man - there's something comin' your way too.


Catzee said...

Hey! I coulda helped ya wif that box!

pee ess - Mom fussed at me effurry time I helped her wif her new toy. But hows she 'posed to play wif all that yarn all by herself?????

Kathy L. said...

I am glad you liked what Skittles sent. ;) You can always used the diced jalapenos in things like cornbread, or that Southwestern Corn Bake recipe, where they would only add their flavor and not the heat. (They really aren't that hot when canned) Heeheehee...