Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Full Moon, a Summer's day Nap & Fogwash Soap

Hello my friends - it's Three Beautiful Things Tuesday!

  • Glancing out the kitchen window last night, I saw the full moon coming up over the neighbor's trees. It was as big as a salad plate up in the sky.

  • It was 68 degrees and sunny Monday when I went out for lunch. I found my favorite shady spot, ate my sandwich & took a short nap before I had to go back to work. The breeze that touched my cheek felt as cool and silken as lake water.

  • Our friend Nancy went to the Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, Oregon last month. She brought me back a little woolly toy sheep and a bar of "Fogwash Soap" - Citrus-Sea scent - a combination of orange, lemon grass and grapefruit - Their soaps are made with olive and cocoanut oils - they last a long time.


Nancy K. said...

Oh my Gosh! That must be the same full moon that was floating in the sky above the Bluff Country this past weekend! How cool that we shared it....


Kathy L. said...

I used to have a handmade soap business here in Flag...those soaps last longer because all the glycerin is left IN the soaps, not taken out and sold back to you in lotion like the big companies do it. ;) There's nothing like a nicely aged soap. I just wish I could use soap on my face! Darn this Sensitive Skin business! :)

Leigh said...

I really like your 3 Beautiful Things posts. I used to make my own soap and loved the reminder. P.S. I won't tell Catzee that you didn't list anything about cats(!) ;)

Deep Sea said...

This whole week I have been fawning over a handmade citrus and honey block of soap I bought as a treat for myself on a holiday in Europe.
Your post made me remember the lovely scent :)
Am a first time visitor to your blog. Hope to read more as I have more time.