Thursday, July 05, 2007

Glad THAT'S Over!!

Whoa baby - yesterday I felt like we were living in a war zone! We are very close to the Lummi reservation and they have a lot of fireworks stands out there. So that's where the neighborhood kids go to get their fireworks. They are, of course, not the wimpy legal kind - we're talkin M80's and bottle rockets, folks.

I was very surprised, because both Sinda and Mr. Neelix seemed to be taking the day fairly calmly - even tho there were lots of BIG booms, and hisses & shreeks, they didn't seem to be running around nervously or anything. Til just before dark.

They BOTH disappeared!

I didn't really notice until after we watched the Seattle fireworks on TV. So, I waited until after all the booming had slowed down (11:30 or so) and called and whistled - they normally will come very well to my whistle - No Neelix - No Sinda. By this time, I'm fit to be tied and ready to write letters to the County Executive and all the County Cuncil members demanding that they ban ALL personal fireworks - there's got to be a better way for people to have fun!

I go out the back door and call & whistle - I go out the front door I call & whistle - DH has gotten too much sun, (probably heat stroke, judging from how he felt today) and has gone to bed early. No kitties -

Now, there's one thing I don't know if I've ever mentioned - but Sinda talks alot, and is very loud - you can hear her coming from a ways away. Neelix, on the other hand, had a very bad cold when he was a baby, and he doesn't meow - he kind of trills. Not very helpful when you are calling and calling - listening very carefully for little trills - Pretty soon - out the front door -MEOW! Here comes Sinda - her eyes are about the size of saucers. She runs and has a little chow (some of our cat friends would call it "stinky goodness"), scolds me like crazy - after all, all that booming WAS my fault, you know. She finally calms down, and I decide, that I need to get to bed, as it is almost 12:30 and I have to work in the morning.

I console myself with the fact that he stays out late quite often. (It's like having a teenaged son, with an attitude...)

Sinda stuck to me like glue all last night - a 12# deadweight on my hip all night long. At least I knew where she was.

This a.m. when I got up - still no Neelix. I put out their breakfast, called, whistled, clanged on the cat food can with a spoon - no Neelix. It's getting late, I'm going to be late for work. I get a call from John that he's coming home from work, he still doesn't feel well. It didn't even occur to ask him if he'd seen Mr. N. - I go to work with a heavy heart.

Tonight when I came home from work, Neelix did not meet me at the front gate like he always does. I came in the house and asked John if he's seen Neelix today - "No," he couldn't say he had. Hmmm - I had a bad feeling about this. I stand on the front porch & call - I stand on the back porch and call. I start dinner. The phone rings and it is Kathy from Sheep Thrills Farm . "I can't find Neelix, he didn't come home last night" I told her. We talk for a few minutes - "You better go & keep looking" she says and rings off. I'm still alternating between front and back yards - suddenly it occurred to me -


(with appologies to Marsha our shearer, this was the only picture I could find - See the door that is out at the corner of the barn-)

"John, did you have the shed open yesterday?"

"Well, yeah, it was open all day - I shut it at about 8:30 or so, why?" I open the cupboard, grab the key and race out the door - it's been really hot today (OK, so, not over 80 degrees, but there is no vertilation in the shed, it's just not a nice place to be when it's hot. )
I opened the door and Neelix shot out like he was propelled by one of last night's bottle rockets.

"Hey buddy - how are you doin?" I ask - he doesn't even wait for a head scritch... "Mom, where have you been? I'm Hungry & Thirsty" - he trills as he's headed for the house - dinner and a drink of water.

Whew - he may not have used up one of his nine lives, but I think he used up one of mine. I'm so glad you're safe, little pal. NOW, STAY OUT OF THAT SHED!


Rascal said...

That was a scary story. It had Mom, Catzee, and Me on the edge of our seats. But, alls well that ends well.

Derby said...

Maybe she won't go in the shed anymore!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

yikes! glad you're safe!

Kathy L. said...

And thank you so very much for calling me back with the wonderful news that your Prodigal Son had returned, er, been found! We were all worried ("I am a mother...I worry, worry, worry!" my mother ued to say)

On the side...I looked at the "site" you wanted me to view and all I can ask is when are we going? ;-) I think you and I (should the guys come too?) could have a ball there! It looks a great deal like New Zealand - another place for us to go! ;)

Hope John is feeling better!

Quail Hill Knits said...

I'm glad that you found both you kitties. The fourth of July is always hard on pets.

The Meowers from Missouri said...

goodness! what a scary tale--we are glad it ended well and you are safe. thank bast that she membered where you might be. (we once lost uncle eeker for hours. mom & dad found him sammiched between the window an' the window screen--the inside window had fallen down while he was napping. good thing it was a wide space between them, an' his tail was tucked in tight!)

and yes, all that booming IS the fault of humans. you'd think they could find some OTHER, quieter way to celebrate--like drink tuna water and do nip. *what, mom? they do? but not eggsactly like our stuff? hmmmm. then why do they make so much noise? we just go nap it off!*

Benjamin Fuzz said...

i am glad there was a happy ending to that story!

i frequently stay home on the 4th because i don't like the stress the noise puts on my kids.

how's john doing?

speaking of kitty disappearances: ben1 and i (with suzanne and several other fuzzies) were living with my dad (about a year after my mom died). ben disappeared and i couldn't find him for 2 days. it was easy to think of the worst possible scenario: it was raining hard. the house was on a very busy road. many kitties had been sent to the bridge after crossing without looking both ways.

i was in tears and on the phone with my sister in eastern washington. i heard a little thump on the deck. opening the door, i saw ben1 standing on the deck. he was completely dry, and curious about why i was upset. i scooped him and pressed kisses all over his sweet face. i made him promise not to ever do that again! lol