Sunday, July 08, 2007

A "Gift" from the Scottish Shetland Sheep Society

Actually the pictures were a "gift" from Debi Schaibly, Oak Hammock Farm, in Florida. She is working in Ireland right now (wouldn't that be hard to take?) and made a trip to Scotland to go to the Cockermouth Wool Fest. She saw all kinds of sheep, but of course, found the display of the Shetland Sheep Society from, as John would say "the Motherland". And, I knew that several of you (Leigh & Vicki?) would absolutely love to see this color wheel so I asked her if I could post it on my blog & she was happy to share. Isn't it grand!

(And as my furriends Rascal & Catzee would say: "If you click on the picture, it will biggify and you can see each individual thread!"}

And, what would you give to have this knitted sampler - gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

Debi also met Lenice Bell of Todhill Coloured Shetland Sheep. Lenice was one of the keynote speakers at the 2003 NASSA AGM that was held in Eugene, Oregone the weekend of Blacksheep Festival. She was a delightful speaker and very knowledgable about Shetlands and the different types of wool.

Debi has been blessed with an invitation to visit Lenice's farm. I can hardly wait to see her photos from that visit - ahh, vicarous living. You never have to pack a bag and you get to sleep in your own bed.


Sheepmom said...

Hi Tina
I love the color wheel - it would be nice to have one for the N.A. Shetlands.
Sorry it's been so long but my computer died an ugly death and the only computer I have access to is the one at work and for some unuknown reason, they don't like it to be used for emails ( crazy people ). Hope to have a new one soon.
Will write more when I can.
Will be opening a new business on etsy as soon as I can get that fool computer!!!

Kathy L. said...

Now you know what to do with some of those stored fleeces, Tina! Start making a Marietta Color Wheel! :) Wouldn't that be so cool?

I looked at all the photos of Scotland, too - much like NZ!

When are we going on Pilgrimege? ;)

Leigh said...

These are just too cool! I can see that I have quite aways to go with my own Shetland fleece/yarn collection. Tell Debi many thanks.

Leigh said...

Yes, I definitely did biggify! I could enjoy those pix for hours.

vlb5757 said...

WOW, those just take my breath away. It must have taken hours to do all of them. It's very impressive and you learn something from it too. Who knew there were so many shades? What a work of fleece art!

Franna said...

These are gorgeous photos, Tina! Thank you for sharing them. I was saving looking at Debi's pictures, what a nice teaser. ;-)
- Franna