Tuesday, July 24, 2007

On cats ~

Last week when I posted my Three Beautiful Things for the week, my friend Little CatZee protested in her comment: "Hey! What about kitties! Kitties are beeyootiful fings!"

Well, CatZee - I couldn't agree with you more! So I have spent the entire week thinking of "beeyootiful fings" about my fur children - and it was hard to just come up with just three. In fact, I am finding it kind of fun, to spend the day looking for those three things that have made life a little better that day.

So here are my three favorite "beeyootiful fings" about Neelix and Sinda -

  • It's been a long day at work, but when I pull into the driveway, one or both of you are waiting for me either on that rock out front, or come running around the corner of the house with a kind of "It's time you finally got home" look on your face.
  • I sit down to watch the end of the Mariner's game with John, and Sinda curls up at my feet with her head resting on my toes.
  • Neelix's loud PURRRRR as he walks through the house - (king of all he surveys) - he plops down in the middle of things, rolls onto his back and begins to snore. Could you get any more comfortable than that?


Leigh said...

You just brought a smile to my face and a warm glow to my heart. There certainly is something special about cats.

Sharon said...

When our two old boys died we only get one kitty and now he won't accept any other felines in the house. I miss the fun of two cats but one is still full of hi-jinx and mad kitty dashings. Just ask the dogs...

Tammy said...

One of my favorite things about the kitty boys---when its time to go to bed, Meshach curls up in the crook of my arm, and Sage flops down against my feet--then all is right in the world and its time to drift off to sleep. :-)

Kathy L. said...

How nice of you to remind me to appreciate my furr-kids! And I DO appreciate them! They have been a Godsend during my surgical-recovery time - taking turns on my lap, lying at my feet when I extend the recliner, AND sitting in front of the computer screen so I can't see anything I'm doing (Shadow the Velcro-Kitty is here doing this right now!)

Thanks, Dear Friend...for reminding me, again, to cherish my Fuzzy Friends! :)

Catzee said...

See, kitties are the bestest beeyootiful fings! Bestest if all is havin' a wunnerful people like you to share life wif. Purrs!