Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Three Beautiful Things

One of the people I nominated when I won the Thinking Blogger Award was Clare at Three Beautiful Things.

It is an inspiration to me that every day she records (at least) three things that give her pleasure. It seems, any more in "modern" society, with a half dozen ways to get our news, bad or good, that the simple pleasures get lost in the fray. So, that is why, I am going to start my own Three Beautiful Thing Tuesday.

My Three Beautiful Things for today are:

  • My sisters - who are just my very best friends - they all work very hard at their jobs and are truly "Stand Strong Women" ;

  • The calm, still, coolness of our kiwi arbor ;

  • An egg salad sandwich made from eggs laid by our own chickens. A little mayo, some dijon mustard and some pepper. (oh and the eggs have to be grated, not smashed) Yum.

So, there they are, my first Three Beautiful Things. I hope you can go out and find Three Beautiful Things in your own lives today.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I made your Chocolate Coma cookies on Sunday, and this batch is really hitting the spot (and probably my spreading middle-aged midriff!). A good cookie is truly a thing of beauty! So is a friend who shares such wonderful recipes. :-)

Clare said...

Welcome to the 3BT family! There's nothing quite like homegrown produce, is there.