Saturday, June 16, 2007

The "Outing"

It's about 180 miles (one way) to Chehalis, WA, and then about another 20 to where Kim from Mt. Niche Farms lives, and, where we were headed last Saturday in pouring down rain, pulling the trailer through Seattle traffic, to pick up our new ewe, Loreena. (Whew, that's almost one of those sentences that could win the "Worst Sentence of the Year" award!) Anyhow, after stopping at Country Cousins in Chehalis to have lunch with my sister, we headed on down to Adna to check out the new little beauty we were going to add to our flock.

She wasn't really keen on going anywhere, but they got her in the trailer, and off we went.

"Help, I've been sheepnapped!"

John had the front pasture all ready for her, and we moved Pearl in with her so she could have a buddy while she got to meet the rest of the flock through the fence.

"Who's that?"

She and Pearl are getting along really well - and there hasn't been too much "bashing" of fence going on - he will probably put them all together today - now that she has been on the farm for a week, she kind of smells like one of them - hopefully the introduction will go smoothly.

Here she is!

I'll let you know!

UPDATE: Well, it's been about 4 or 5 hours and they are still chasing her around a little, but not as bad as when he first put her in. Life on the farm, it can be brutal.

AND - Ta Da - The Japanese Iris have started to bloom!

This is an "un-named" variety that we go a couple of years ago.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Wow, you guys are brave! I'm bracing for 3-4 weeks of quarantine -- part of the reason for getting two!

Kathy L. said...

I just have a "Pearl" - my grandmother's name - and you have a Gwendolyn - my mother's name!

This is getting scary! ;)

Leigh said...

She's gorgeous! Quite photogenic too. I didn't realize introductions could be so traumatic. Interesting.