Sunday, June 03, 2007

'Tis a Mystery....

I don't know if you can see the munch marks, but someone is munching on Scooter's horns!

We are pretty sure it is his sister Luna, - but it leaves you with a "What the heck?" feeling.

So we put some "bitter apple" spray (that didn't keep the cats from scratching on the landscaping posts like it was supposed to) on his horns yesterday afternoon. While I was out in the barn, I used the opportunity to take some pictures of the different colors of our Shetland rainbow to show our friend Leigh . She does some AMAZING things with fiber and I am constantly in awe of her work - she also inspires me - (maybe that wool I plied last year doesn't look as bad as I thought...) but anyhow, here are some of the pictures of our little flock as of yesterday.

his is a close up of Scooter's fleece. You can really see how quickly a Shetland lamb changes color - he was brown just about the first week then he started to turn. If you can get this picture to enlarge, you will see how yummy his fleece is now. Beautiful colors of fawn with a little bit of dark in - it will be a very pretty heather wool.

Gwendolyn has grown up so much since we got her last July -
John says she still stakes claim to her feed bowl, and you better not question her about it.

Scooter, Regina & Luna having a little dinner break - I think eventually they will both be lighter than their mom.

I have more pictures, but blogger is being kind of sluggy and I have lots to do - I can't wait to tell you about the concert we went to last night and I have more sheep pics too.

If you want more information on Shetland sheep colors visit the North American Shetland Sheep Association (NASSA) web site.

And don't forget about the Blog Blast for Peace on June 6th!


Leigh said...

Thank you so much for the pictures, Tina. They are excellent. Thanks to for the NASSA link. Lots of good information!

vlb5757 said...

Nice looking fleece. As a spinner I get so excited to see the fleece on the sheep. Then knowing how it comes off and then is spun into something wonderful...well it's just amazing to me. You will have to show us some things that have been spun from sheep there.

Karen Jo said...

I hope the bitter apple stops the horn munching. The colors in the fleece are beautiful and so is the flower.

Nancy K. said...

I often see my ram lambs chewing on the big ram's horns, once I put them all together. Just as a do have 'sheep minerals' available to the lambs, don't you? I know that mine are scarfing it down like candy lately!