Saturday, June 03, 2006

Mystery Muffins

If you go back into the archives (May 12, titled "Friends") you 'll see a picture of this little fellow on his "birth day" Shetland sheep are fun, you never know what you'll get and you'll never know what they'll turn into a month later-

It is funny the things that pop into my head - memories about before & after my surgery - Like when they show someone going to surgery on TV and they show the lights whizzing by - they really do that in real life too. At the UWMC, they have some automation for getting the doors open (handicapped openers), but I decided, as they were pusing me down to pre-op, that the people pushing the gurneys need a little beanie hat with a strobe on it like how a police car connects with the lights to make them go green - this little beanie hat would connect with the doors and open them automatically without the "driver" having to stop the gurney, push the door open button and wait for it to open - Sounds like a good idea? OK, get to it you inventors.

Thanks to our friend Margot's organizational skills, we have had all these wonderful meals brought to us - Fixing food - what a comforting community event. Reminds me of a verse from a song called "Three Women" by a group called Domestic Science Club:

"There's a light in the kitchen
There's a light in the land
Three women round the table holding hands,
They carry the burdens, bring food when they can
They're easing the leaving, and they're holding hands"
(c) 1994 Carrie Newcomer

One night in the hospital when I couldn't sleep (and my door was closed) I found myself singing that song and a few others on this sweet album - One song (that has spectacular acapella harmony on the CD) is called "Unseen Angels" -

"Sometimes when I find I cannot sleep in my bed
Angels come and stand here at my side in the night
Silent in the dark of my dread, unseen angels come stand at my side.

Beautiful angels, unseen angels,
When I'm by my alter and tried, here in side,
Silent in the dark of my dread, unseen angels come stand at my side.

Time and time again, when I feel lonely and low
Giving into anger and pride, here inside
Softly, like the mornings first glow, unseen angels come stand at my side

Wild imagination runs out of control
When I'm finding nowhere to hide, from the tide
Bringing a sweet peace to my soul, unseen angels come stand at my side"
(c) Steve Mote & Joseph Spence. Year?

Thankfully, my door was closed - I sang the gambit of all the songs I could remember - from the songs listed above, to Willie Nelson's song "Crazy" - now that would have made them wonder if they need to take me off some of those good drugs, do you think?

Oh, Mystery Muffins - I almost forgot - Yesterday when I was taking my shower, I thought I heard someone drive into the yard - what I actually heard was the loud "boomba, boomba, boomba" of a car stereo - so I thought it must have been someone out on the street. Later when I got hair all done, etc. and came out to the kitchen, there was a sack with 1/2 dozen home made banana muffins on the counter - more comfort food - but no note to say who they were from. So, Thank you, Mystery Muffin Maker, who ever you are. :-) T

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Michael M. said...

I came across your blog by searching for lyrics that I just heard on the KDHX program Lotsa A Capella. "Unseen Angels" is also known as "Great Dream(s) of/from Heaven." Joseph Spence was a Bahamian fingerstyle guitarist. Steve Mote recorded it with the Geyer Street Sheiks on Great Dream. I learned a little of it from Geyer Street Sheiks guitarist Tom Hall. I thought it would be good to provide more information for future wanderers.