Friday, June 30, 2006

Our Latest trip to the BIG city....and more

These two pieces of artwork are hanging in the third floor waiting room of the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance offices. That is where my surgeon, Dr. Heidi Gray, has her office. She is such a neat young woman - & she was very positive about my progress. Everything is healing nicely, (I can start my swim class again) and she said that yes, I could go back to work - altho she only wants me to work 6 hours a day - Don't know if I can limit it to that, but I worked a full day today and I'm beat. So, I'll probably take her advice and just take off at 3:30 or so every day for a couple of weeks till I get "back into it".

This is a "Top Hat" blueberry - it is one of my husband's bonsai plants. It stands about 15-18" tall and if you look closely you'll notice that it is covered with blueberries. It sits on a shelf right outside the dining room window and this morning when I was working on timecards, I looked up just in time to see a beautiful green & gold cedar waxwing land on this plant. Then that little devil chomped into a berry and GULP, swallowed it down. I sat there in amazement while it ate 5 or 6 of those blues, then thought- what am I thinking - throw something at the window and scare it away - I don't know why I didn't pull out my camera & take a picture first - it would have been a cool one.

The lillies are starting to bloom - these are asiatic lillies - pretty but not scented. My favorites are the orientals & orienpets - they are so fragrant. Every year in June, we've had a "Lillies & Lambs" dinner for church friends - it has been postponed this year because of my surgery. It has been rescheduled for the end of July - I hope there will still be some lillies in bloom then.

We'll be spending tomorrow cleaning house because Sunday noon, my nephew and his wife are coming with their little boy, Parker. It will be fun to see them. AND Gwendolyn is coming tomorrow! Stand by for photos!

dJango says "Do you think she'll like me?" I'm sorry dJango - we have to find you a new home - you won't get a chance to dance with this diva.

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