Friday, June 16, 2006

No More Pain Pills

Holy cow! Time flies when your're having fun, huh? I've been neglecting my duties here - I see that it's been a week since I posted last! If you are just joining me - make sure to read the archives - that's where the saga begins.

The newest of the news is no more pain pills - (although I have a few saved in case of emergencies...) Just taking Tylenol for Arthritis - that seems to be strong enough to dull the aches & pains I come up with during the night or day. It also means that I am allowed to drive, so I've been on a few short jaunts - to a spinner's guild meeting and into town to pick up perscriptions.

And I went into the office yesterday to finish up my payroll (print the checks & get them out to employees). I was surprised that everyone was so glad to see me - I even got hugs from some of the guys! Wonders never cease. Maybe it's my sparkling personality they have missed, do you suppose?

So, as this whole saga draws to an "end" I've been toying with the idea of keeping my blog up with just day to day stories and my thoughts on this or that - as I always do seem to have an opinion one way or t'other...ha, ha - maybe I'll be the next Barbara Kingsolver. Hardly.

I have a date with my sweet husband to go out to dinner and get groceries - resuming normalcy - it's been our standing Friday night date since we got married - it's a nice way to end the week. We plan our menus for the next week over dinner, go shopping and when we get home he carries in all the groceries. Such a deal. He's just the best.

So, I'd better go get ready. I hear the sheep calling, so he must be on his way home.

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