Tuesday, June 06, 2006

And the Staples are OUT!

My surgery was two weeks ago yesterday. Somehow it seems like a lifetime ago.

I was just sitting here thinking that not much had happened lately to report, but DUH - I got my staples out yesterday! And a little more info from Dr. Otto.

- 1 - It was a difficult surgery because of the old scar tissue - and she (Dr. Otto) was extremely glad that I had been in the hands of such a competent surgeon.
- 2 - Most of the cells on the uterine wall were the pre-cancerous type. That is so "hugely good", if you know what I mean.
- 3 - My tummy is looking pretty good but Dr. O is concerned about the redness right around the staples - but now that the staples are out, I think the redness is subsiding. It is however, bruised where ever they gave me the Heparin (sp) shots - but those are fading too. (I want you to be proud of me that with all the pictures I have posted here, I DID not take a picture of my belly and I'm not going to - that would be too much information even for ME!
- 4 - The Japanese iris pictured here is called Japanese Harmony. It is the iris that I gave to Dr. O yesterday as a "thank you" present - you know, in the "old days" patients would bring a dozen eggs or a chicken - She's lucky I didn't bring her a ram lamb. Ha, ha, ha.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing via your "blog"

I have misplaced your address or would have sent you a card

Dana Munden

Nancy K. said...

I'm happy to hear that you're doing so well! ;-)

Keep up the good work!