Friday, June 09, 2006

Things are "lookin' good"

I just can't believe how fast time is flying. I got home from the hospital two weeks ago yesterday! Two more weeks in "exile" here at home - (my boss has threatened me with something unimaginable if I set foot in the office.) Thank Heavens for computer networks.

Had a "check-in on the incision" appointment with my B'ham doctor this afternoon. She was very pleased at how it looks. Most of the redness is gone and I'm thinking I'm going to start putting the emu oil concoction that my friends in Spokane made for me. Emu oil is very beneficial at getting rid of scar tissue.

(I am, however back on antibiotics - this time for a bit of a bladder infection - I hope that's all it is. But I stocked up on yogurt at the store when I picked up my perscription so I don't run into "that problem" again, if you know what I mean)
It's really not so bad being "in exile" - John has worked so hard on our yard - it's like living in a park - and I am proud of him - I know he loves it tho. When I was looking for a new photo to post here, I realized that since I took the last batch of photos, everything has really leafed out and it all looks different again - Mother Nature has her early summer wardrobe on.

I made dinner "all by myself" last night. We had hamburger stroganoff, with noodles, green peas and strawberry rhubarb crisp for desert. Yum. Every single one of the meals that our wonderful friends have brought over the past two weeks have been delicious, but it's almost been like eating in a restaurant - I've missed my own cooking. I definately have to be careful when I pick up my heavy Pampered Chef pans, that is for sure. Do you suppose they weigh more or less than a gallon of milk?

I've been up for a while now - I'm feeling like it's time for a siesta. Later. T.

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