Monday, June 19, 2006

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's Back to Work I go

For a few days, anyhow, because we're going on vacation on Thursday. Actually, I've been putting in short days for the past two weeks - I've got to get it ramped up so I'm ready to be back full time on the 3rd of July.

We're ready to go on vacation and John is getting sick. Do you think I'll be able to get him to gargle with some Cepacol to get rid of his sore throat? We'll see.

BTW, here's a nice background music that plays off your computer - Sometimes it's New Age, sometimes it's light classical - it's almost always enjoyable. They even give you links to the artist in case you want to buy the album that they are playing off of! Very handy.

I think I may have mentioned my friend Nancy's blog before, and if I can ever figure it out, I'll post a permanent link to it on my site - but it's called "A Shepherd's Voice". She has wonderful pictures of her sheep & her farm in Minnesota and her stories are just darn great. Here it is:

I'm fascinated by all the fun pictures that I can take with my little digital camera - it is so much fun - take as many as I want, until I get just the right picture. As you can tell, I'm into flower pictures right now. Get ready for sheep, sheep & more sheep when we get back from Eugene! Later, T.

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