Saturday, March 27, 2010

Come See the Babies!

Lots of changes on the farm in the past week. We've added Krissie to the list of lambs - she was in the little pen with her mom for just a day or so - she really wanted to get out and play with the "big" boys.

Speaking of "big boys" - here is Bode's "Whatcha doin?" face

And Wicket gets cuter every day.

Kind of reminds me of that scene from "West Side Story" -

"When you're a Jet, you're a Jet all the way..."

Common Krissie - you stay away from those bad boys...

Speaking of "bad boys" - look at what The Shepherd found in the hen house yesterday morning!

Just after he found these two in the barn. This is Dusty. Actually he was born second - The Shepherd helped clean him up and get him going after Luna dropped him out on his noggin.

Now this is where the cat blogger term "Sheep Furs" really comes from - doesn't he have the prettiest wool?

OK all you Shetland Shepherds out there - what do you call these markings?

And here is Robin - She is a pretty brown with krunet markings on her head and ears.

We had an "Open Barn" this morning for some friends who wanted to see babies - Luna had about had enough and really wanted out of the jug. (ie, lambing pen)

Out to meet the new neighbors....

Then a few dashes up and back in the pasture - but as you can see here (click on the picture to biggafy it) poor little Dusty got his new found legs tangled up in the long grass and, as my dad used to say, went "ass over teakettle"

Oh, Dusty, you'll be OK. Just look where you are going the next time.

We think that Violet will be next - what do YOU think? ? ?


Michelle said...

NONE of my girls are as big as Violet! I think Luna's babies are both pretty classic muskets. And you have GIRLS! TWO GIRLS already! YAY!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the lambs! What a cute face on little Wicket. So, does the apple cider vinegar get credit for the 50/50 ratio?

Donna said...

Gorgeous lambs with lots of colors and markings! I agree with Michelle. I think Dusty is an agouti pattern so will become musket with time.

Tammy said... have been busy out your way! What a beautiful bunch of little lambs, and some girls! Woot! Luna's little boy looks similar to Lark's ram, Jasper, here. Only he is a grey/flecket. I love their markings though--those little white heads are the cutest. My Luna's little ewe lamb looks allot like your Luna's ewe. I haven't done a good check yet to see if she is musket.

Roses and Lilacs said...

It's so interesting all the things we have in common. Sheep are one of the few things I've never worked with:) Those lambs are so cute. Love the various colors

How lucky you were to see the Smothers Bros live. Hard to believe they are 70+. It's been more than 20 years since I saw them.

Leigh said...

Oh Tina, they are so cute! You and the Shepherd are doing it right.

Sharon said...

I love your babies. How big will this make your flock? Won't this be the biggest yet??