Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Colors of March -

Sue at Life Looms Large has a great monthly "blogging exercise" that she does called "The Colors of (this month)"

I enjoy looking for pretty things and places in our beautiful corner of the world to share with everyone and I think this exercise is also helping me learn more about my camera (that I've had for almost a year and still haven't gotten much past the "AUTO" setting on the dial...)

The cherry trees have been out in town for weeks now - pink haze as you drive through the streets - but ours in the back yard has only bloomed this week.

The white Japanese birches are showing their new skin.

And how could I leave the new lambs out of the colors of March -

The quince is probably my favorite spring flowering plant. The Shepherd says they spread too much and won't "allow" me to have one - well, he's the one who does all the yard work, so I just have to enjoy the fleeting glimpses that I get of them as I drive around.

Along with the pink haze of the cherries goes the yellow blaze of the forsythias. They have been very bright and colorful this year.

This beautiful roving that was at our Spin-In last weekend. I bought 16 ounces of two different colorways to make baby sweaters for my boss's "upcoming" twin girls - they are due next summer - I figure I should be able to get the spinning done and the crocheting done by then, don't you?

This colorful roving is from Sunset Fibers in Olympia, WA. It is hand painted Corriedale, and should make some nice soft, warm sweaters.

My sister Wisten has given me several Lenten Roses (Helleborus Orientalis) over the past few years. This one lives by our back porch - a true sign that spring can't be far behind.

I hope you've enjoyed the colors of March from the Pacific NW. Now, go visit Sue and check out the links to March in other places! Maybe even add your own colors to the list.


Theresa said...

Tina, I live up in the Cascade-Siskiyou Monument outside of Ashland OR, but looking at your color and flowers, I'm wishing I lived up in WA right now!
Our snow is gone now though, which isn't to say it won't be back for a day or two before we can really say spring is here to stay.

Life Looms Large said...

Great pictures!! Now that's spring!!

I especially love the color combo of the cherry blossoms with the blue spruce. Great together!

With any luck, I'll have some spring flowers by April!

Thanks for joining in!


Leigh said...

Wow, Tina, your March colors are superb! Funny how you have better color than I do here in the south.

I've never seen a flowering quince before. Unusual color. I'll have to research it and see how much it spreads. I'm still looking for things to plant!

Sharon said...

Oh, I do love your colors and I do love Sue's "exercise" so was sad when she told me she's only going to do it through the end of the year.

vlb5757 said...

I always love looking at the flowers in your neck of the woods. We have been outside lately trying to get our yard back into shape. I need to be in better shape! My back is screaming mad at me but I want to get my garden in and do things to undo the horrible things our Boxer, Lucy has done to the yard. She's brutal to the yard!

Sara said...

Beautiful flowers - and photos...

Sandra in Kamloops BC said...

I love your pictures and your blog. All your babies are great! I don't know what bird bill flowers are. Your flowers and shrubs are a bit ahead of ours.