Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Color Purple.....

While we wait for Violet to have the next batch of lambs I was inspired to show you the "violet" things I found around the farm last weekend.

Pacific Rock Cress - No picture I've ever taken has shown the intensity of the purple of this flower.

There's a house in town that has beds of this all around it in the spring - it is so bright it practically hurts your eyes.

The peonies are really shooting up there - I should have my gardener (aka The Shepherd) dig out the plant stands that go over them before they get too tall.

I brought one of these from my old house in town. It is bright pink and smells like roses.

This is one of The Shepherd's bonsai collection. Our minister's husband calls them plants in bondage.

I call them soul satisfying for The Shepherd.

This is part of his collection - there is a purple leafed maple and a purple leafed plum here in this picture - check out the upper left hand corner - and what do you think my Ashford Traveler is doing out in the greenhouse?


Kathy said...

Just rub it in, Tina. (As I look out on a couple inches of freshly fallen snow this morning)


Sharon said...

I almost said - ditto Kathy. I'm glad someone is having Spring. I smiled at the bonsai. My FIL was very fond of bonsai when we all lived in San Diego and I took it up for a while. It's not easy and the plants take space and special growing conditions. He collection didn't survive their move to Walla Walla, but I have the memory.

HisTek said...

Beautiful flowers! Where we live, near Lake Chelan, we have "God's garden". I don't have a garden myself, but enjoy all the wildflowers that grow on our property and on the mountains surrounding us. Gorgeous lamb photos too from your previous post. They are VERY cute. Mine aren't due for a few weeks yet.
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