Sunday, March 14, 2010

Looking back Sunday

These pictures were taken in March- 2, 3 & 4 years ago - I could easily have taken the same pictures this past week but it RAINED and was wicked cold, all week long.

Until Saturday, that is, and the weather cooperated for our Spin-In - (of which I have loads of pictures) - not a single wheel got wet - but between working til 3:00 in the a.m. on Friday night getting ready for yesterday and the change to daylight saving time, I crashed when we got home from church today. So, no new pictures yet and dinner wasn't on the table until about 8:30 tonight (well, someone COULD have come in and woken me up... - but I think he was napping too.)

Anyhow - these are three of my favorite pictures of The Shepherds gardening handy work.

Little Wicket update: - He is growing like a weed - if it's not raining when I get home from work tomorrow night, I'll take some pictures - since, it will be light for a whole extra hour.

The forsythias and the quinces are all in full bloom right now. Between that and the cherry trees, they make such great blazes of color along the streets and the byways.

Hope you have a great week with blazes of color on your highways and byways too!


Life Looms Large said...

I wish it looked like that here right now. We've got the rain. Our snow is almost totally gone.

I'm seeing the tiniest shoots of green in my garden.

Within the month though, I'm sure we'll have signs of spring too!

Thanks for sharing yours!


Kathy said...

And why were you up 'til 3 am???? (You have to take care of Y-O-U, ya know)

I guess it's a good thing I pooped out early yesterday or I would have called to hear all about Saturday.
Who knows? I may call tonight for an update! :)

Thanks for the flowers. Our daffodils haven't even broken the ground yet. Maybe they know winter isn't over here yet.

Michelle said...

Congrats on the dry Spin-In and fleece sales! Love that white daffodil; we have some pale ones that aren't attractive at all. Grumbling about the time change here....