Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Wrist warmers for Kay

I have been looking for a "fingerless glove" or wrist warmer pattern for a while. I wanted to make a pair for my coworker Kay.

She is our receptionist/main phone answering person and the spot where she sits gets really cold in the fall and winter from the door opening all the time. In fact, my boss got her a plug in lap-robe to keep her legs and feet warm!

But I knew her hands still got cold, so I've been looking and looking for a pattern that I liked.

I had about a 3/4 of a skein of wool left over from when I made my earflap hat last spring and decided that it would be perfect to make these wrist warmers (WW). I changed the pattern somewhat - there was no thumb hole in the original pattern and if you click on the picture to biggafy it, you will notice the little loops on the top and bottom of the WW - they felt really funny on the palm side of the top, so I left them off.

I got them all finished the other night and gave them to her yesterday. She wore them most of the day - it was timely because it was cold in the office.

This pattern is set up to crochet flat then join - I think I'm going to figure out how to crochet it in the round - I think the joining will look nicer...

This is where I found the pattern that I used - it is a "page a day" calendar with over 100 patterns in it. I pulled out the page and laminated it - but I wish I had just made a photo copy because even laminated, it got pretty beat up carrying it around in my bag.

My next crochet project is a pair for myself using some beautiful possum fur/wool blend yarn that Kathy sent me last week - it is very soft and is supposed to be nice and toasty warm.

I need to go spin for a few minutes before I go to bed. I've been working on some yarn that a friend is going to knit into a sweater vest for The Shepherd. It should take about 1200 yards, and I thought I was all done. When I washed it up and wound it into balls - there was only 950 yards. I can't imagine that I miscounted so badly - but I've got to get a couple hundred more yards spun up before I can give the whole project to her. Sheesh.

And today when I got to work, there was a very sweet thank you card and THIS on my desk. Kay makes the very best pickled asparagus - and they are all mine, because The Shepherd, aka, "Mr. Meat & Potatoes" doesn't much care for pickled things....


Michelle said...

What a lovely trade! (And I'd help you eat that pickled asparagus if I was around!)

Tammy said...

What a sweet thoughtful gift! It sounds like they are going to be so useful to her. And her return gift was pretty neat too. I think this is what embodies the true spirit of friendship and family.

Kathy said...

WooHoo! Score!

I have a pair of knitted fingerless gloves I bought in NZ made of similar yarn as what I sent you. I like them so much I bought two pair and yes, they keep your hands toasty warm.
I think that pattern will make you a beeyouteafull pair to keep yourself warm this winter.

Sharon said...

I just finished a pair of mitts for a friend for the exact reason but I'm glad she can't see yours or she'd feel cheated. Mine are plain and yours are spectacular!

Jennifer said...

Chris calls those "icky poo yucky sticks"!! I love asparagus any way, shape or form!!

Leigh said...

What great wrist warmers! I'm going to have to give these a try myself this winter.

I'm not much on pickled things either, but pickling seems a great way to store vegetables for variety. I'm trying to learn to like them better.