Monday, October 12, 2009

Our Dinner with Andre

It was a bright sunny day and I was just hanging out with my buddies - when this white pickup drives up into the yard.

"Anybody know who that is?" No one did - so we went back to eating.

Suddenly, Kendra, our shephardess and food lady came out and started talking to the man who got out of the truck. A lady got out too - they came over to admire us.

They looked at me and my brother - but the lady liked me best - she said even though he had a nice fleece, that my brother sounded like a foghorn. "I think we should take Andre," she said. "He has such a sweet face"

The next thing I knew, The Man is stuffing me in this PTU (Prisoner Transport Unit) "Help!" I cried out - the straw in the bottom of the PTU wasn't tasty at all - Yuck. "I think he needs a little bit of hay for his trip home" the lady said - and Kendra gave The Man some hay and he stuffed it in the PTU with me. I munched on some and said "Thank You" - sensing that The Man would be The Shepherd and the new food delivery man. They closed up the back of the truck and off we went.

It seemed like we drove and drove and then, I could hear all this clanking and banging. The Shepherd opened up the back window - "We just made the ferry" he said. I wondered what a "ferry" was.

You see, where I grew up would be a long drive for The Shepherd and the lady, but you can take a 25 minute ferry boat ride across the water from a town called Edmonds and go across to the place called "The Peninsula" where My Shepherdess lives. We were the last car on the ferry to go my new home -

When we got there, he took me out of the PTU and brushed all the straw out of my fluffy coat.

He took me out to a little pasture - "You'll be able to meet all your new friends here, Andre", he said,

Well, I must say, the grass here in this new place is very tasty.

I munched and munched - not paying any attention to the others in the pens around me.

"Who the heck is that?"

"He's kind of short, but very handsome..."

"Oh, Violet, you think all boys are handsome.
Do you suppose he's lonely in there?"

The boys didn't know what to make of this new fellow either.

What they didn't know was that The Shepherd had "Breeding Group" plans set up. Vern (the ram) and Galloway (his wethered brother) would get to be with Violet and Luna.

HB was already in with Jewel and Moni.
That left Cooper to be with Pearl and The Shepherd wanted to put a wether buddy in with him too - That's where Andre came in - The Shepherd is sad that Andre had to be wethered because he has wonderful confirmation but he had a "manly" problem that called for his "hoo-haw-ectomy"

Even though they are the same age, Andre is a little bit smaller - We think he'll catch up with Cooper quickly because, like any teenage boy, he hasn't stopped eating since he got here.

The Shepherd says that you and Cooper are getting along pretty well.

Welcome to your new home, Andre.


Tammy said...

What a pretty little boy! Sounds like he will have an easy job. :-) Eat and hang out with his ram buddy. I hope to get breeding groups together by the end of the week. The weather isn't cooperating very much and I'm not in a big hurry anyway.

Donna said...

Gorgeous little new wether- congratulations!

Leigh said...

What an adventure for Andre! Love the photo of him in the PTU. He looks like he'll be very happy in his new home.

Kathy said...

What a surprise! (You never mentioned Andre) Let's hope that Andre will have a long and productive home at Marietta Shetlands! :) That fleece look very, very nice.

Congratulations all around!

thecrazysheeplady said...

I love the PTU! Too funny :-)