Thursday, October 15, 2009

An Early Christmas Present

Looks like some kind of wooden sea creature, doesn't it?

It is my "early" Christmas present from my sister. It is a "Glimakra" (being the brand name) Umbrella Swift - Glimakra is a Swedish company that primarily makes looms and weaving kits - it is made out of birch and will open up to hold skein of yarn that is 72" around. - Cool, huh?

It is used to wind yarn from skeins to a ball winder, and I have been wanting one for a year or so - even more so since I had to wind those 10 skeins of yarn for The Shepherd's sweater off on my ball winder. A clothes pin on a music stand just doesn't cut it.

I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but the first trial will be with the skein of New Zealand Possum Fur/Wool blend that my wonderful friend Kathy sent me as part of a late birthday present.

These little puppies run between $70 & $80 new and as much as I wanted one, I couldn't justify it. So I decided to ask the Santa Sisters and was making plans with one of them when this used one came available on my Spinner Guild's newsletter. (And for just over 1/2 of the "new" price) A quick call to the Santa Sister and it was a done deal - she will reimburse me for my "purchase" and she doesn't have to do any shopping for me for Christmas - a good arrangement for everyone concerned!

I have about 1/2 a bobbin to finish of some natural colored merino that I am spinning up for one of the guys that I work with - He is going to crochet himself a helmet to wear under his ski gear. Of all the people I work with he is one that I would have thought least likely to do that kind of project - but I'm certainly happy to help him along with it!.

I have more exciting news - I'll share it with you this weekend.

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Donna said...

Very cool swift! Now I am curious about this weekend's news.