Sunday, October 11, 2009

Oh what a tangled web...

When I got to my spinner guild meeting yesterday, I pulled out the bobbins of wool that I had brought along to ply - hopefully the last ones to finish the yarn for The Shepherd's sweater - and when I tried to find the end on this bobbin - it was no where to be found! And of course, I had pulled and twisted and made a huge mess of the thing.

So I put it back in my bag and worked on some merino that I'm spinning up for a co-worker.

At the end of the meeting, I pulled it back out to try to find the end again and someone walked over to ask me what I was doing - after explaining my plight, she said - did you try rubbing tape over it? No, duh, that would have been too easy (altho these singles are so "sticky" that may not have even worked)

Last night I sat down and decided that I was either going to "fish or cut bait" as the old saying goes - in this case it was cut thread - I pulled out the nice roll of packing tape that we have - didn't work - I'd succeeded in practically tangling every thread on the top layer - so I found what I thought was the most likely spot and snapped the thread - got me quite a ways until I got to another spot where it wouldn't go any further and realized it was where I had rewound some of the other - wound that off, and voila (sp) off I went.

One more bobbin done - probably about 100 yards -

So far I have about 950 yards - like I said last week, I thought I had about 12oo - So I either radically miscounted or lost two skeins - and I don't know how that could have happened as I was keeping everything together - oh well -

Now, I'll have close to 1150 - I hope that will be enough - Don't tell The Shepherd, but I'm really tired of this yarn... Glad someone else is doing the knitting!


Anonymous said...

Hey Tina-

Sorry I missed the meeting last Saturday. I'm always up for an excuse to sit and spin,, but we just had too much other stuff going on. And don't fret over the yard(yarn?)age. I'm guessing that 900 or so is going to be plenty for a vest. So, whenever you're ready to hand it off, just drop me a line!

Denise :)

Kathy said...

I think we've all been there, Tina, at one time or another. Finding an end can be frazzling with fine yarns when even tape won't work.
I am so very tickled to see you doing more spinning and crocheting. And I know the Shepherd is going to really love the vest when it's all finished.