Sunday, October 18, 2009

Looking Back Sunday

October 2004 - Hawaii - gotta love those orchids.

It was so hot even the locals were complaining.

Our condo had fans and no A/C.

The Shepherd had pneumonia.

None-the-less to say, it was a "memorable" vacation...

October 2005 - California, here we come -

Next to the Grand Canyon, the Giant Redwoods are the coolest things I've ever seen!

October 2006 - Every year I think "It can't get any more colorful here in The Shepherd's gardens," and then the next year it is even better.

October 2007 - Case in point.........

October 2007 was also our trip to the Grand Canyon - - see a theme here?

This year it was a stay-cation.

October 2008 -

Breeding group fleece evaluations - this is sure a pretty one.

Hope you enjoyed my October "look-back"

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Karen Jo said...

I enjoyed your October look back very much. Love the fleece. I am just now getting back to the people who wished me well with my Mother. Thank you so much.